Biden’s Assault on the Press Continues with New White House Rules

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The White House has just unleashed a shocking new attack on press freedom, with strict regulations on reporters. This latest move should spark immense conversation with legacy media, who have ignored the Biden administration’s censorship and covered their narrative. These draconian regulations threaten to undermine free speech and stifle dissenting voices. Stay tuned.

The White House has released new requirements for journalists to gain access to the briefing room and presidential events. Under these rules, reporters will need to submit a letter that includes their physical address, a statement of having accessed the White House in the last six months, and proof of accreditation by a press gallery in the Supreme Court, U.S. Senate, or U.S. House of Representatives. The guidelines also warn against unprofessional behavior and include provisions for suspension or revocation of hard passes. 

The Biden administration’s new rules for journalists seeking access to the White House grounds and press briefings have sparked controversy. Under these new guidelines, journalists must submit a letter to gain access, which requires information about their employment and accreditation. The White House warns that journalists must maintain a “professional manner” while on campus and not impede events or briefings.

Violators face the possibility of suspension or revocation of their hard passes. Critics argue that these rules limit press freedom and create unnecessary barriers to entry, with some journalists pointing out that the new requirements may disproportionately impact independent or freelance reporters.

Could this new rule have something to do with this blatant discrimination of journalist
Simon Ateba?

Critics have also pointed out that these new rules come just days after World Press Freedom Day, with some arguing that the move is at odds with the spirit of press freedom. Some have expressed concerns that the new requirements could lead to a chilling effect on press freedom and limit the ability of journalists to hold the administration accountable.

The current “hard passes” used to access the White House grounds and press briefings will expire July 31.

In addition to providing their physical address, reporters are required to provide evidence that they have accessed the White House in the past six months and have covered the White House regularly. The letter also requires reporters to provide proof of accreditation from a press gallery at the Supreme Court, the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives.”

There were a number of reporters who were temporarily banned by the Trump administration following confrontations with administration staff. After a heated exchange with Sebastian Gorka, the appeals court ruled that Brian Karem didn’t have “fair notice” of his credentials being revoked.

These rules have sparked controversy, with some arguing that they limit press freedom and create unnecessary barriers to entry. The guidelines warn against unprofessional behavior and include provisions for suspension or revocation of hard passes. While the White House argues these rules are necessary to maintain order and safety on the grounds, others warn that they could have a chilling effect on press freedom.

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