NYC Officially Overtaken by Migrants – Biden’s Response is SHAMEFUL!

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 The Biden administration’s lack of response to New York City’s request for federal funds to handle the influx of illegal immigrants has resulted in the city resorting to sending some of them to suburban areas. This move comes as the city faces a crisis due to the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. While the federal administration’s policies have created a disaster for New York City, the state’s new Mayor, Eric Adams, has stepped up to ease the burden. But with the end of the Trump-era public health order, Title 42, on May 11, the situation is likely to worsen. Let’s dive in.

The immigration crisis continues to escalate in New York City as the Biden administration snubs the request for federal funds to handle the influx of illegal immigrants. The city applied for $350 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to accommodate the thousands of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. but received a mere $30 million, less than a tenth of the requested amount. This has caused the city to take matters into its own hands.

New York Congressman Dan Goldman released a statement on the matter, saying, “New York has served as a model for the nation in welcoming migrants with open arms… This is woefully insufficient [and] it is incumbent on the federal government to pay its fair share.”

In order to ease the burden placed on New York City by illegal immigrants, Mayor Eric Adams announced that his administration will begin sending some of them to the suburban areas. Two hotel facilities in Orangeburg and Orange Lake, located in Rockland County, will temporarily house 300 single adult males. This move comes as the city faces the consequences of President Biden’s border policies, which have turned it into a disaster.

The situation is expected to get worse as the Trump-era public health order, Title 42, which kept illegal immigrants in Mexico as they waited for asylum claims, is set to expire on May 11. This could mean that more illegal immigrants will flood into the U.S. to seek asylum. 

CBP data shows that there have already been over 1.2 million border encounters through the first six months of fiscal year 2023, which began in October. This number does not take into account those illegal immigrants who crossed the border undetected.

According to recent data from City Hall, there are at least 34,800 illegal immigrants currently being housed in shelters throughout New York City. This number is expected to skyrocket in the coming weeks as the situation at the border worsens. Last year, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas began sending buses filled with illegal immigrants to leftist “sanctuary cities,” including New York City.

The burden on taxpayers is also significant. Mayor Adams announced that New York City will spend $4.2 billion to accommodate and care for illegal immigrants by mid-2024. This is a clear indication that the Biden administration’s policies have resulted in an unsustainable situation for New York City and its taxpayers.

The consequences of these policies extend beyond financial costs and onto public safety. The Biden administration’s lax approach to immigration has resulted in a surge of violent crimes in sanctuary cities throughout the country. This is because illegal immigrants are not required to undergo proper background checks before being admitted into the country.

The immigration crisis in New York City is a direct result of Biden’s failed policies, which have turned the city into a disaster. The Biden administration’s refusal to provide adequate resources to address the crisis has left New York City in a desperate situation, with more illegal immigrants arriving every day. As Mayor Adams is forced to find alternative ways to house and care for them, the cost to taxpayers is expected to skyrocket. With the end of Title 42 looming and the Biden administration failing to take action, the situation is likely to spiral out of control, further burdening the city and its residents. It’s time for the federal administration to step up and take responsibility for the consequences of their lax border policies.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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