DHS’s Orwellian Training Videos: The Disturbing New Reality for Conservatives!

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Imagine living in a world where Big Brother is watching, where your own government trains citizens to spy on you because you hold conservative beliefs. That dystopian future is no longer a figment of imagination – it is what the DHS plans to instigate. Their proposed video series isn’t just a tool for radicalization detection; it’s a veiled attempt to stifle free speech, with a chilling focus on conservatives. Old high school friends, suburban moms with pro-life beliefs – no one is safe from this Orwellian nightmare. Our cherished freedom is under attack.

This shocking development has been unveiled through documents obtained by America First Legal (AFL). The Department of Homeland Security intended to release a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style video series, depicting scenarios where citizens might encounter “radicalized” individuals, with the audience then asked to decide what action should be taken. But, most alarmingly, the program seems to target people we all know – old high school friends who believe in conspiracies, suburban moms with pro-life beliefs. It’s as if any deviation from the narrative is a ticket to being labeled a threat.

Dated January 29th, 2021, merely eight days after President Biden took office, the video scripts, written under the DHS’s Office of Terrorism and Violence Prevention, highlight an unsettling trend within the Federal Government. The justification for this overreach has changed over time, shifting from COVID-19 to the January 6th protests. Yet, the objective remains the same – implementing authoritarian measures across the country.

The focus of these efforts is overwhelmingly on conservatives, suggesting an implicit assumption that conservatives, constitutionalists, or anyone questioning official government narratives, could be domestic terrorists. All this while violent actions by groups such as BLM, Antifa, and trans rights protesters go largely ignored by the DHS and Democrats.

The COVID era already strained western societies, bringing us to the brink of an Orwellian society where corporate and government partnerships are manipulated to suppress political and scientific discourse. Fear was amplified around a virus, while an unarmed protest at the capitol building was painted as an insurrection.

Now, we find federal agencies preparing propaganda to condition the public to act as informants. This tactic eerily mirrors the communist Stasi in East Germany, creating an environment of self-censorship within the populace. The question is – what are they afraid of? Is the DHS genuinely concerned about domestic terrorist threats, or are they preemptively preparing for a public backlash against a broad crackdown on people’s freedoms?

If the latter is true, wouldn’t a better preventive measure be for governments and bureaucrats to refrain from infringing on the public’s freedoms in the first place? Most of the scripted scenarios in these videos showcase people with conservative beliefs and values as the radicalized threat, further emphasizing the program’s bias.

The constitution of the United States symbolizes the essence of freedom and democracy. As such, any attempt to silence certain groups goes against everything our nation stands for. It’s a disturbing thought that our own government might be heading down a path that stifles free speech and thought, turning citizens into informants, and breeding fear in the populace. It’s critical that we remain vigilant, safeguarding our constitution and freedom against all forms of tyranny, even those originating within our own borders. The beacon of liberty must continue to shine, not be dimmed by the shadows of fear and control.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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