TikTok Addiction: A Threat to America’s Future?

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Are you aware of the new trend among America’s youth? A shocking new report reveals that the majority of American teens would rather give up their voting rights for a year than lose access to TikTok. The app is highly addictive and feeds kids harmful content, but the Biden White House is still promoting it. How did America reach the point where Chinese spyware dominates the lives of most of America’s youth?

The Reboot Foundation’s May 2023 report is shedding light on the alarming trend among America’s youth. A majority of teenagers ages 13 to 24 would choose to keep access to TikTok over their voting rights for a year. This is a concerning development as TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company that could potentially use the highly detailed data it collects to spy on Americans. Furthermore, the Chinese Communist Party owns a board seat in ByteDance and maintains a financial stake in the company. This makes TikTok a national security risk, but the Biden White House has recruited TikTok stars to promote the president’s second “Biden in the Basement” presidential campaign.

TikTok is designed to be addictive and feeds kids harmful content, including very suggestive `material. According to the Reboot report, young girls and women are particularly at risk, with 29 percent using the app for more than four hours daily. TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company that practices “civil-military fusion,” allowing the Chinese military access to everything in the economic and tech spheres. The CCP has also demanded that tech companies, including ByteDance, share data, including “non-public” data, with the government.

While the Chinese sister app Douyin is restricted, with young Chinese users only allowed to use it for a certain amount of time, the American version of TikTok is not subject to the same restrictions. This means American teenagers can scroll through TikTok for hours a day, exposing themselves to harmful content and addictive algorithms.

The Reboot report also highlights the growing consensus that TikTok is a national security risk. ByteDance employees can access the data TikTok collects, and the CCP may have access to the same information. It’s time to hold TikTok accountable before even more young Americans become addicted to its harmful algorithm.

Parents are urged to monitor their children’s TikTok use more closely, and the Reboot Foundation is calling for measures such as raising the age at which children can open social media accounts and requiring warning labels on their usage. The playing field needs to be shifted between social media platforms and their youngest users, and action needs to be taken to protect American youth from the harmful effects of TikTok.

TikTok addiction is a growing problem among young Americans, and a majority of them would prefer Chinese spyware over their voting rights. The app feeds kids harmful content and is a national security risk. It’s time to hold TikTok accountable and for parents to monitor their children’s use more closely. Stay tuned to Next News for more breaking news.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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