President Biden Mocks GOP’s Proposals to Cut Spending Amid Debt Ceiling Crisis

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Biden loves to accuse republicans of peddling fake news when he is the main offender of the said crime. He continues to accuse republicans of backstabbing our veterans with the debt ceiling bill when it’s republicans who constantly fight for veterans’ health. If it were true, how exactly would that make sense from a policy standpoint? 

WATCH as the dementia ridden White House squatter lies through his teeth

The legislation, which aims to raise the debt ceiling and curb spending cuts, does not contain any provisions that would cut veterans’ benefits, as Biden has repeatedly and falsely claimed.

In fact, the bill would cap discretionary spending at $1.47 trillion with one percent annual increases, rescind nearly $71 billion to the IRS to hire new workers and upgrade technology, block Biden from waiving $10,000 to $20,000 in student loan debts and reduce monthly payments for undergraduate loans, repeal most of the tax breaks Democrats passed to promote their clean energy agenda, and impose work requirements for federal cash and food assistance.

The claim made by Biden that the legislation would cut $22 billion in veterans’ health care is completely baseless and unsupported by any facts. Republicans have been vocal in their defense of veterans’ benefits, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reiterated this while speaking with CNN in Israel last week.

The false claims made by Biden are not only misleading but also potentially harmful. They have led to unnecessary panic among veterans who rely on these benefits and have caused significant damage to the credibility of the presidency.

While Biden has pointed to veterans’ groups in his defense, many of these groups have spoken out in opposition to the Republican proposal, citing concerns about the bill’s impact on the national debt and overall fiscal responsibility.

The Limit, Save, and Grow Act is the only legislation on the table to raise the debt ceiling in Washington, DC, but Senate Democrats refuse to take up the bill while simultaneously failing to offer any alternative measures on how to offset runaway debt.

This lack of action is putting the nation’s financial future in jeopardy, and it is time for Democrats to put aside their political differences and work towards a solution that benefits all Americans.

While President Biden has accused Republican lawmakers of attempting to cut veterans’ benefits, the GOP has vehemently denied these allegations, stating that the Limit, Save, and Grow Act aims at cutting discretionary spending and not adversely affecting veterans’ healthcare. Kessler’s fact-checking reveals that the VoteVets ad was misleading. Unfortunately, with a lack of clarity on alternatives, the US is now approaching its debt limit, and without a clear solution, the country faces the possibility of defaulting on its financial obligations. Republicans have done their part in introducing a bill to raise the debt, the ball is now in the democrats’ court.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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