TOO FUNNY! CNN Forced to Cut Interview Short after Migrant Says the UNTHINKABLE

As CNN strolled the streets near the border, they asked a migrant if he was aware of the lifting of Title 42 and the consequent reopening of the border prior to the pandemic.
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The recent expiration of Title 42 has caused a surge in illegal immigration across the southern border, leaving the United States and its citizens vulnerable to security threats and overwhelmed border facilities. Amidst the chaos, a CNN reporter interviewed a migrant who unabashedly admitted to crossing illegally due to the recent policy change. However, instead of exploring the implications of his statements, the interview was quickly ended, raising questions about the media’s reluctance to address the dire consequences of the Biden Administration’s immigration policies.

As CNN strolled the streets near the border, they asked a migrant if he was aware of the lifting of Title 42 and the consequent reopening of the border prior to the pandemic. The migrant responded with an affirmative answer, stating that he had heard the border would be open and decided to make the risky crossing. However, any sensible conversation on this topic was quickly shut down by the CNN reporter, perhaps in an attempt to avoid any criticism of the Democrat’s flawed immigration policies.

This notorious policy, put in place by the Trump Administration, prohibited migrants from filing frivolous asylum claims and put an end to catch-and-release shams. In contrast, Joe Biden has effectively invited illegal immigration with his disastrous decision to remove Title 42 last week.

The removal of Title 42 has led to absolute chaos on the southern border, significantly putting the nation’s safety and security at risk as hordes of illegal migrant invaders storm the border. Border patrol agents predict that the border will experience a historic surge in immigration, with nearly 400,000 migrants attempting to enter the country every month. This influx is an enormous threat to public health and national security, with potential terrorists and criminals potentially being hidden amongst the migrants.

Joe Biden’s decision to eliminate Title 42 has meant that the Department of Homeland Security has had to expand its already failing Catch and Release program that releases illegal border crossers into the U.S. with Notices to Appear (NTAs) in federal immigration court. However, it is highly unlikely that these court dates will be attended, with many being scheduled years away. This fundamentally flawed system has created a harmful incentive for illegal migrants to enter the country without fear of any consequences.

The repercussions of removing Title 42 are becoming apparent by the day, as illegal migration numbers skyrocket and the future of America’s safety is put in jeopardy.

Biden’s decision to end Title 42 has unleashed a torrent of illegal immigration that poses a serious threat to the safety and security of the United States. His lack of a coherent plan to address this crisis and his administration’s policy of catch-and-release only adds fuel to the already raging fire. Unfortunately, the media seems hesitant to hold the administration accountable for the catastrophic results of their actions. It is time for the American people to demand better from their leaders and the media in addressing the urgent need for immigration reform.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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