Disturbing Display: Senator Fetterman’s Confusion Raises Concerns About His Fitness

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) was clearly out of his depth during Tuesday's Senate Banking Committee hearing
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Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania has sparked more concerns over his fitness for office following his herculean struggle through Tuesday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing. After a lengthy hospitalization for depression and anxiety, Fetterman’s untimely return to the Senate has been marked by a series of public gaffes, attributed in part to the lasting effects of a near-fatal stroke experienced during his campaign.

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) was clearly out of his depth during Tuesday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing, struggling to articulate his own line of questioning. After a lengthy hospitalization for clinical depression and anxiety, and with ongoing auditory processing issues stemming from a near-fatal stroke endured during his Senate campaign, it is clear that Fetterman is not fit to serve.

As Fetterman bumbled his way through his questioning, it became apparent that he was calling for stricter regulations on banks. However, his delivery was so muddled that it was difficult to discern exactly what he was proposing.

Here’s another moment from the hearing:

It is concerning that an individual with such a tenuous grasp of the issues at hand would be in a position of power within the government.

In an effort to assist Fetterman as he continues to recover, he has been given a tablet so that he can read closed captioning during committee hearings. While it is certainly commendable that the Senate is providing him with tools to aid in his rehabilitation, it is troubling that he requires such accommodations in order to fulfill his duties as a senator. One can only hope that he will make a full recovery and be able to perform his duties effectively and competently.

It is worth noting that the Senate has opted to use professional broadcast captioners rather than rely on artificial intelligence to provide Fetterman’s captions. This decision was made in order to ensure greater accuracy. While it is perhaps prudent to utilize human expertise in such a situation, it is unfortunate that the Senate must go to such lengths to accommodate an individual who is struggling to perform his duties.

It is abundantly clear that Fetterman is not up to the task of serving in the Senate. His struggles during the recent banking committee hearing are evidence of this fact. While it is important to provide him with support and accommodations as he recovers, it is equally important to recognize that he may not be able to continue in his current role. The people of Pennsylvania deserve a senator who is capable and competent, and it is time for Fetterman to step aside if he is unable to fulfill that role.

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