NY Sanctuary City Demands Federal Aid as New York Faces Illegal Migrant “Nightmare”

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The Biden border crisis has become a national catastrophe, and it has dramatically now affected even the state of New York. The newly elected Governor Hochul, who has been a vocal supporter of illegal immigrants, is now waving the white flag as her state is rewarded with the consequences of her party’s policies. Her urgent tone is a bit puzzling, coming from someone who championed the sanctuary city ideal.

The illegal immigration crisis gripping New York State has reached alarming levels, with Governor Kathy Hochul sounding the alarm on the dire situation. Overwhelmed by an influx of more than 61,000 illegal immigrants, the state’s resources are stretched to the breaking point. New York City, in particular, bears the brunt of this crisis, accommodating a staggering 40,000 individuals who have crossed the border unlawfully.

Governor Hochul, speaking exclusively to MSNBC, hosted by the faux Reverend Al Sharpton.

However, the governor emphasizes that this is not a sustainable solution in the long run. The gravity of the situation demands federal intervention. Hochul beseeches the Biden administration for emergency funding to tackle the crisis head-on. In her impassioned plea, she specifically requests federal installations, including military bases, to establish large field operations and tent cities to accommodate the overwhelming number of migrants.

New York State had previously declared itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, a declaration made by Governor Hochul last year. After criticizing Texas Gov. Abbott for trying to secure his state. She criticized US Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for their alleged “mistreatment of migrants” and declared New York a sanctuary state. Claiming,”Immigrants are always welcome here.”

The impact of this crisis extends beyond New York City. Mayor Adams has resorted to transporting illegal immigrants to Orange County and Rockland County in Upstate New York.

Disgracefully, this decision has displaced homeless veterans, as hotels in the city of Newburgh evicted them to make room for the newly arrived migrants. Both counties have responded by declaring a state of emergency, recognizing the strain this places on their resources and the immediate need for assistance.

The debate over government aid in the wake of the border crisis is a heated one, and rightly so. As conservatives, we believe that it is not the responsibility of hard-working taxpayers to prop up cities and states that have implemented policies that encourage illegal immigration. It’s time for Democrats to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that follow. Those who have opted for legal immigration, like our Republican border states, are the ones who deserve aid and support. The reality is, states like New York don’t have a crisis compared to the actual crisis at the border states.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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