Outrageous Behavior: Education Secretary Stuns Committee with Silence

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In a shocking display of silence and secrecy, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona refuses to address critical questions!

During a committee hearing, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona faced harsh criticism from Republican members of the House Education and Workforce Committee. Cardona skillfully sidestepped numerous inquiries, including those related to the department’s responsiveness to congressional oversight letters, critical race theory, and the eligibility of biological males identifying as women in women’s sports.

One contentious exchange involved Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) questioning Cardona about the Biden administration’s push to redefine “sex” under Title IX to include gender identity and sexual orientation.

The education secretary consistently evaded providing a clear answer, fueling concerns about the administration’s radical agenda. Banks expressed his frustration, stating that Cardona prioritized damage control over the welfare of schools and children. Banks further criticized the administration’s alleged preference for appeasing the radical transgender lobby rather than supporting underprivileged students.

Another notable exchange occurred when Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI) repeatedly asked Cardona if the department was complying with Freedom of Information Act requests. After evading the question, Cardona finally confirmed compliance, but McClain’s persistence had already exposed the secretary’s refusal to provide straightforward responses. McClain, frustrated with Cardona’s tactics, humorously asked about the color of his suit to emphasize his consistent evasiveness. McClain stated that all she wanted was a simple answer to a basic question, highlighting Cardona’s inability to give a straight response.

This lack of accountability has caused outrage among committee members and exposed Cardona’s unwillingness to address important concerns. The evasion tactics employed by the education secretary demonstrate a concerning disregard for transparency and congressional responsibility. As representatives of the American people seek answers, Cardona’s silence raises questions about the integrity and effectiveness of the Department of Education under the current administration.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s repeated dodging of questions during the House hearing has ignited controversy and deepened concerns about the Biden administration’s radical agenda. Committee members expressed frustration and disappointment as they sought clarity on critical issues affecting education. Cardona’s evasion tactics, combined with his inability to provide direct answers, highlight a lack of transparency and accountability. The American public deserves honest and open dialogue from their public officials, particularly in matters as crucial as education. It is imperative that we remain vigilant and continue to hold those in power accountable.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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