Journalist Delivers Epic Smackdown to Condescending Democrat Lawmaker

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In an epic showdown, the partisan billionaire congressman never saw it coming. With fearlessness and bravery on his side, BLM and Antifa ground reporter, Julio Rosas, stood tall in front of him. The congressman’s pathetic attempt at gaining media attention resulted in an attack that was seen for what it truly was: cowardly. But that was not the end of the story. What happened next was classic.

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During a U.S. House Homeland Security Committee hearing, Julio Rosas, a respected senior writer for Town Hall, found himself under attack from Rep. Dan Goldman.

But Rosas wasn’t about to let Goldman’s attacks go unanswered. Although Rosas was not given an opportunity to directly respond to the cowardly congressman because he left the room, here is his epic response.

Taking to Twitter, Rosas further challenged Goldman’s credibility and knowledge, asserting that he, a battle-hardened Marine Corps Reserve veteran, possessed more information on Antifa than the discredited former FBI director. This unflinching response showcased Rosas’ courage and unwavering commitment to truth in the face of partisan attacks.

Goldman, who rose to prominence as a counsel for Adam Schiff during the partisan impeachment investigation against President Trump, is no stranger to controversy. Using his family fortune from Levi Strauss, he poured millions of dollars into securing his Democratic Party congressional primary win in New York’s 10th district.

Since entering Congress, Goldman has proven himself to be nothing more than a partisan puppet, towing the line for his radical left-wing allies. His defense of censoring journalists reveals his disdain for the First Amendment and exposes his true agenda—to silence dissenting voices.

Rosas’ presence and resilience in the hearing room underscored his dedication to delivering unbiased reporting and his passion for defending freedom of speech. His experience covering the violent Black Lives Matter riots has provided him with invaluable insights, making him a respected authority on the dangers posed by left-wing organizations.

.In the battle for truth, Julio Rosas stood firm against Rep. Dan Goldman’s desperate attempts to undermine his reporting and shield his radical agenda. Rosas’ unwavering dedication to exposing the reality of left-wing violence and defending the rights of journalists is an inspiration to us all. As the mainstream media continues to peddle their biased narratives, it is imperative that we support fearless reporters like Rosas, who are unafraid to challenge the status quo.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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