Mom of Fallen NYPD Officer Goes Viral at White House Ceremony

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Unbelievable! An administration that has repeatedly called for the defunding of the police is seen pretending their policies aren’t negatively affecting our law enforcement. The Biden administration threw together a Medal of Valor ceremony that went viral for the hypocrisy being displayed right in front of our eyes, all thanks to a special guest. Stay tuned to find out what happened.

We hope you remember these two fallen heroes who died last year in crime central New York, responding to a domestic dispute.

In a deeply somber ceremony honoring fallen heroes, President Joe Biden presented Medals of Valor to several deserving recipients. However, it was the shocking reaction of one grieving mother, Gabina Mora, that stole the spotlight and unleashed a storm of controversy. NYPD officer Wilbert Mora and his partner Jason Rivera tragically lost their lives while bravely responding to a family dispute in Harlem, New York.

TAKE A LOOK at the disdain the mother of fallen hero, Welbert Mora, shows towards Biden.

As you could see as Biden expressed his condolences, Gabina Mora appeared initially disinterested, seemingly unimpressed with the president’s words. But after Biden handed her the prestigious Medal of Valor, her eyes rolled in an unmistakable gesture of contempt. This stunning act of defiance has left the nation shocked and questioning Biden’s ability to connect with the families of fallen heroes.

As Biden attempted to console Mora, his delivery seemed impersonal and lacked the emotional weight required in such a solemn moment. The incident is symbolic of this administration and most importantly this president’s disconnect with the American people.

As controversy continues to swirl, the fallout from this ceremony threatens to tarnish Biden’s presidency. It raises questions about his leadership and his ability to bridge the gap between the nation’s law enforcement community and the administration. Americans demand a president who can provide comfort and support to the families of fallen heroes, especially during such solemn occasions.

Biden’s Medal of Valor ceremony was overshadowed by Gabina Mora’s true feelings for an administration and president that has put many police officers like her son in harm’s way. How else is she supposed to feel about a man that proclaimed not long ago that the biggest threat to our nation was White Nationalism, when the country is being invaded from all border fronts? Because of Biden’s political party’s policies on crime, her son is dead.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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