Senior White House Official Exposes Biden Administration’s Immigration Deception

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Get ready for a bombshell! The Biden-Harris administration’s immigration policy has just been exposed as a covert plan to fill America with migrants and not serve the interests of American workers. This senior White House official’s startling admission reveals the true motives behind their actions.

A senior official in the White House, Katie Tobin, has blown the lid off President Biden’s immigration policy, revealing the true intentions behind it. Contrary to the mainstream narrative, Tobin admitted that the administration is using migration as an economic strategy to benefit large corporations and maintain a competitive edge globally.

Tobin explicitly stated that the administration aims to create new jobs through government spending programs, high-tech firms, and infrastructure projects. The Biden-Harris team views migration as a means to fill the labor gaps in an expanding economy. While they claim moral responsibility, their actions speak louder, favoring corporate interests over the well-being of ordinary workers.

Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, points out that this government-backed economic migration is reminiscent of strategies employed by Saudi Arabia and corporatist migration approaches. By facilitating the entry of foreign workers, the administration effectively acts as a staffing service for American corporations, undermining the wages and employment prospects of American citizens.

Tobin’s remarks at the American Enterprise Institute event reveal the stark contrast between the administration’s true motives and the media’s portrayal of migration. Mainstream coverage often focuses on border dramas and humanitarian crises while downplaying the legal migration of approximately one million individuals annually and the influx of white-collar foreign workers taking jobs from Americans.

Furthermore, the Biden-Harris administration’s legal defense relies on framing their policies as aiding asylum seekers, refugees, and parole emergencies. However, Tobin’s statements expose the reality that the administration is primarily focused on economic migrants seeking better job opportunities and higher living standards.

The administration’s economic migration strategy neglects alternative approaches such as boosting trade with impoverished nations or fostering democracy in autocratic countries, which would support economic development abroad and reduce the need for mass migration.

The truth is out, and the Biden-Harris administration’s immigration policy stands exposed. Their covert agenda of using migration as an economic tool to serve corporate interests is a betrayal of American workers. The implications of Tobin’s admission are profound, highlighting the administration’s willingness to prioritize foreign workers over American citizens. By flooding the labor market with an influx of cheap labor, they stifle wage growth and limit job opportunities for American workers. It is crucial to question whose interests the administration truly serves.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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