Here’s Why The Senate Was Just Issued Satellite Phones and Not Good At All

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Are we teetering on the edge of an unprecedented communication collapse? A disturbing revelation about a Chinese cyber onslaught has emerged, paired with an ominous FDA warning about an impending internet blackout. Concurrently, an unusual sight – over 50 U.S. Senators armed with satellite phones. Do these jigsaw pieces connect to sketch a darker picture? Is there a lurking catastrophe we’re yet to grasp? Today, we dare to pull back the veil and dig into the cryptic enigma. Hold your breath and buckle up, because we’re about to dive deep into the labyrinth of this unfolding crisis.

In a shocking development yesterday, Microsoft unveiled a nefarious scheme by Chinese hackers targeting critical US infrastructure.

With fears escalating, many worry Beijing may be planning to disable communication networks in Guam, a strategic base, gearing up for a potential Taiwan assault. Known chillingly as ‘Volt Typhoon’, these state-sponsored cyber rogues, operational since at least mid-2021, are relentlessly infiltrating critical organizations in Guam and across the US.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) alarmingly confirmed China’s orchestration of these attacks across a gamut of government and private sector organizations, sending shivers down the spine of the nation.

Simultaneously, the FDA issued an unnerving warning to Americans. In a bid to quell misinformation, they released a video on social media, cryptically alluding to the possibility of “the internet going down later this week.”

Are our communication systems on the brink of failure? Is a catastrophic event imminent? With the dread escalating among citizens, the revelation seemed like the harbinger of a dreadful scenario much worse than we could imagine.

In response to this unnerving situation, US senators have been issued satellite phones for emergency communication. Over 50 senators have accepted these devices as part of a wider security measure series implemented by the Senate Sergeant at Arms. The intent is to keep senators connected during disruptive events, indicating anticipation of a considerable threat.

Senate Sergeant at Arms, Karen Gibson, stated during last month’s Senate Appropriations Committee meeting that deploying satellite communication is a step “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.” This statement indicates the looming presence of a significant threat, necessitating high alertness from all Americans.

These phones serve as a security backstop should an emergency “take out communications” in parts of America. It begs the disturbing question – are we under attack? Is there a calamitous event on the horizon? We urgently need clarification.

The Department of Homeland Security advisory endorsed satellite phones as tools to coordinate government services during a “man-made” or natural disaster obliterating communication. Could we be facing a natural catastrophe or an internal threat? Regardless of the cause, one thing is crystal clear – we must remain vigilant and brace ourselves for the worst.

In the face of escalating global tensions, from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict to the recent, alarming Chinese cyber-attack on key US infrastructure, it’s not far-fetched to anticipate a potential disruption to our communication system. Indeed, we’re journeying through an era of unprecedented uncertainty. The grim FDA warning about a looming internet blackout, and the emergency satellite phones now in the hands of our leaders, signify a possible significant threat on the horizon. We need to remain vigilant and prepare for any eventuality. Instead of blind faith in our leaders, it’s in these moments of governmental ambiguity we must rely on each other. Our nation’s survival might hinge on this mutual trust and resilience.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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