State Rep Speaks-out: Democratic Party Betraying African-Americans in Favor of Immigrants!

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The Democratic Party’s unwavering support for new immigrants has sparked a major controversy within their African-American voter base. State Rep. Mesha Mainor’s bold statements are sending shockwaves through the political landscape. Confirming what conservatives have been warning all along.

The Democratic Party’s embrace of mass immigration is leading to a startling consequence—the marginalization of their own African-American supporters. State Rep. Mesha Mainor, an African-American legislator from Georgia, has fearlessly exposed the party’s neglect of black communities.

While every election year echoes with the slogan “Black Lives Matter,” Mainor raises a critical question: Do they truly matter to the Democratic Party? In a powerful tweet, she laments the prioritization of other minorities over black children living in poverty, struggling to read. The party’s allocation of millions of dollars for immigrant services at the border, while ignoring the plight of black communities, has left Mainor disillusioned.

Here was the state Georgia State Rep speaking out, sending a strong message.

This sentiment is not confined to Georgia. In Chicago, African-Americans are organizing to combat the loss of power to immigrant voters and resist the placement of migrants in their neighborhoods. In Washington D.C., where black residents make up 50 percent of the population, council members are alarmed by the growing cost of aiding poor migrants.

Mainor’s outspokenness received a surprising response from Americans worried about the establishment’s hidden agenda of admitting millions of poor migrants. D.A. King, a pro-American activist, expressed his astonishment at a state-level politician, especially a Democrat, speaking up for American citizens over illegal aliens. King called on Republican legislators to follow suit, urging them to break their silence and defend their constituents.

The truth, as King reveals, is that Democrats see illegal aliens as potential Democrat voters. The consequences of this perspective are evident in California and Gwinnett County, Georgia—increased migration leading to the growth of the Democratic Party, wage stagnation, and a housing crisis. Georgia has experienced a staggering 50 percent surge in housing prices since 2020, exacerbating the struggles of its citizens.

Mainor refuses to apologize for her actions, emphasizing that she stands up for her community and holds the system accountable. The support she receives from her constituents speaks volumes about their desire for change and representation. As the debate rages on, the Democratic Party faces the challenge of reconciling their rhetoric with their actions. Will they address the concerns of their African-American supporters, or will the allure of potential voters outweigh the needs of their own constituents?

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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