Inflation Reduction Act Backfires! Paralyzing Our Drug Industry

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The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act is wreaking havoc as we should have expected. However the industry it’s crippling is one we would have never thought of, big pharma. The main reason we are bringing this news to you is because of the former FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, who has issued a chilling warning, exposing the alarming consequences of this ill-conceived legislation.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has sounded the alarm on an impending health crisis caused by the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. With over 130 drugs already in shortage, patients across the country are facing a life-threatening predicament. The shortage primarily affects sterile injectable drugs, including critical cancer treatments that are vital for countless individuals fighting against this devastating disease.

Gottlieb, in an interview on CBS News’s Face the Nation, explained how the Inflation Reduction Act worsens the problem by inhibiting generic manufacturers from taking necessary price increases. When these manufacturers enter the market for the first time or invest in upgrading their facilities to meet state-of-the-art regulations, they are unable to recoup these expenses due to the Act’s restrictions. Consequently, they bear the financial burden, leading to a shortage of essential medications.

Here is the former FDA Commissioner going into more depth on the critical issue.

Gottlieb reveals, pharmaceutical companies have neglected this responsibility, resulting in avoidable quality issues and subsequent shortages. Ozempic, a critical treatment for diabetes, exemplifies the dire consequences of this negligence.

Healthcare providers have witnessed an alarming surge in prescriptions for Ozempic, with over 313,000 written in the last full week of January, marking a staggering 78% increase compared to the previous year. Despite the growing demand, the scarcity of this life-saving medication jeopardizes the well-being of diabetes patients nationwide.

The Inflation Reduction Act, touted as a means to curb drug prices, has become a catalyst for a devastating public health emergency. Patients who rely on essential medications to manage their conditions now find themselves in a state of desperation. 

Like anything the left promotes, it is doomed to fail as we see in the Inflation Reduction Act. It unleashed a medical nightmare, pushing our healthcare system to the brink. Drug shortages are spiraling out of control, leaving cancer patients, diabetes sufferers, and countless others in peril. The consequences of this misguided legislation are undeniable, as lives are put at risk and our medical infrastructure crumbles. In the end who pays the price?

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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