San Francisco Residents Are Experiencing Voters’ Remorse With Their Current Mayor

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Is San Francisco headed towards disaster? New poll results expose a city in crisis, with an overwhelming majority of residents expressing deep dissatisfaction with the direction of their beloved city. Mayor London Breed’s leadership is under intense scrutiny and supposedly skating on thin ice.

In a city known for its liberal politics, San Francisco residents are sounding the alarm. The Probolsky Research poll reveals that a staggering 73% of respondents believe that their beloved city is on the wrong track. This sentiment is echoed in the disapproval of Mayor London Breed, whose performance is rejected by 60% of voters. The survey, conducted between April 19 to 24, interviewed 300 voters and carries a margin of error of +/-5.8%.

During a public Q&A session on May 23, Mayor Breed faced a hostile crowd and was ultimately booed. Here is the mayor doing what all politicians do best, speak!

 San Francisco residents are fed up with the deteriorating street conditions and brazen drug dealing plaguing their neighborhoods.

TAKE A LOOK AT THE angry Q&A scene

Mayor Breed’s response to the crisis has raised eyebrows. In a moment away from the public eye, she exclaimed, “Compassion is killing people.” Acknowledging the severity of the situation, she called for change and vowed to improve public safety. However, critics argue that her actions have not matched her words.

In response to the outcry, Board of Supervisors president Aaron Peskin penned a letter to Mayor Breed’s office, demanding immediate action. Peskin urged the shutdown of open-air drug dealing and the establishment of coordinated emergency centers, involving multiple levels of government, including the police department and district attorney’s office. The letter emphasized the humanitarian crisis and the growing perception that San Franciscans no longer feel safe in their own city.

This is not the first time Mayor Breed’s approach to the drug crisis has come under scrutiny. Her previous initiative, the “linkage center,” aimed to provide treatment for addicts while accommodating their drug use. However, after little over a year, the building was shut down due to rampant open-air drug use and increased crime.

San Francisco residents are demanding decisive action from their leadership. They seek solutions that prioritize public safety and address the root causes of the crisis. Will Mayor Breed rise to the challenge, or will her tenure be marred by failed policies and public discontent? The future of San Francisco hangs in the balance, and its residents are watching closely. Hopefully next time they won’t make the same mistake electing an incompetent mayor, but those chances are slim – we all know the city is addicted to leftist politicians.

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