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**Conservative Historian Victor Davis Hanson Slams Left’s ‘Maoist’ Cultural Revolution**

Conservative scholar and historian Victor Davis Hanson appeared on FOX News recently to criticize the left’s rapid changes to American life, likening these efforts to a ‘Maoist’-style cultural revolution. Hanson argues that many Americans don’t understand the true extent of this transformation, nor do they realize its casualties: the multiple cultural institutions the left has destroyed, unconcerned with the consequences so long as their end goals are met.

In the FOX News interview, Hanson pointed to California as a prime example, with the state now facing $32 billion in debt. He questioned the logic of a state reparations commission proposing to give $800 billion to African-Americans when California was a free state eight generations ago. According to Hanson, the commission seems willing to take on this massive burden through installment payments.

Hanson also raised concerns about cities like Greater Los Angeles, home to one of the largest Hispanic populations in North America. The Los Angeles Dodgers depend on this predominantly Catholic and sports-loving demographic, particularly as professional sports audiences are dwindling. Hanson questioned the decision to invite the controversial Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to a Dodgers game, given the group’s history of performance art that many consider blasphemous and offensive to the Catholic faith.

Addressing the criminal justice system, Hanson cited the tragic death of a career criminal on a subway, wondering how someone could accumulate over 40 arrests — including for violent assault and lewd conduct — without facing more severe consequences. Similarly, he mentioned the deceased man’s uncle, who had been arrested 70 times and yet was still free to weigh in on the incident.

Lastly, Hanson discussed the Biden administration’s handling of the US border, commenting on its porous nature and the alarming prospect of 6.5 million illegal entries. He suggested that the border has essentially ceased to exist under the current administration.

**Hanson’s words serve as a warning to Americans, urging them to recognize the severe consequences of the left’s cultural revolution.** With cultural institutions being destroyed and traditional values under attack, Hanson encourages a proactive approach to combating these changes and reversing the destructive process currently unfolding across the country.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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