Exciting Chicago Pride Celebration: Kids’ Drag Makeovers & Dress-up, Powered by Lululemon!

Exciting Chicago Pride Celebration: Kids' Drag Makeovers & Dress-up, Powered by Lululemon!
Exciting Chicago Pride Celebration: Kids' Drag Makeovers & Dress-up, Powered by Lululemon!
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**Chicago’s “Queer Fam Pride Jam” Pride event is set to feature controversial “drag dress-up and makeovers” for children, drawing criticism from the conservative camp. Sponsored by Lululemon, the event promises a day filled with activities tailored for the LGBTQ community and their families.**

On June 17, the Salt Shed Fairgrounds in Chicago will host the “Queer Fam Pride Jam” event that includes “drag dress-up and makeovers” for children from 10 am to 4 pm. The event, sponsored by Lululemon, is a partnership between queer party producers Slo ‘Mo and the award-winning kids boutique Kido, as reported by Block Club Chicago.

The Pride event is not short on activities and vendors focused on the LGBTQ community and other marginalized groups such as Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Wellness activities led by LGBTQ artists and healers will be held throughout the day, encompassing family yoga and fan decorating. In addition to this, local skateboarding school Natty Bwoy Bikes & Boards will provide a skating area. Legendary house music choreographer Boogie McClarin is also set to teach dance lessons, catering to various age groups.

This array of activities will conclude with an all-ages “dance party” in the evening. Kido owner Keewa Nurullah described the culmination of the event as a celebration where children will showcase their dance moves after the lessons, showing off the drag artwork on their faces – an experience designed to be “an entire day of fun.”

It’s worth noting that Kido, the children’s boutique involved in the planning of this event, has previously organized a pro-abortion march. Critics argue that by introducing drag culture to minors, the event could risk exposing them to content typically reserved for adults, raising questions about the appropriateness of this gathering. Given the unabashed incorporation of these elements, the event has become a matter of concern for some conservative spectators.

Moreover, the potential implications of Lululemon’s sponsorship of this event may affect the company’s image and business performance. As with any instance of corporate support for a controversial event or cause, backlash from a portion of the public can impact the bottom line.

Concerns persist that events like the “Queer Fam Pride Jam” blur the


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