Texas Legislators Approve Bill Prohibiting Minors in Sexualized Acts & Drag Performances

Texas Legislators Approve Bill Prohibiting Minors in Sexualized Acts & Drag Performances
Texas Legislators Approve Bill Prohibiting Minors in Sexualized Acts & Drag Performances
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**Texas takes a stand against exposing minors to sexual performances**

Texas lawmakers have come together, passing a critical bill focusing on preventing minors from being exposed to sexualized performances and drag shows. Now headed to Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s desk, the legislation reflects the state’s dedication to preserving the innocence of its children. This bill marks a critical moment in the fight against the propagation of sexually explicit content to minors.

Senate Bill 12, which successfully passed with an 87-54 vote, strictly targets performances that involve nudity, sexual acts, or any display that appeals to “the prurient interest in sex.” These regulations apply regardless of the expectation or presence of financial compensation. According to The Daily Wire, this legislation, once enacted, will penalize performers found guilty of violating the law with a Class A misdemeanor, carrying potential punishments of a $4,000 fine or a year in jail. Additionally, businesses that host such performances can face considerable fines, as high as $10,000.

For Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the bill’s passing strikes an essential chord, expressing shock that any parent would willingly expose their child to sexualized events like drag shows. He emphasized the importance of safeguarding the welfare of young children, who are often unable to make decisions independently, against the harmful influences proliferating throughout the state.

Rep. Matt Shaheen, the bill’s sponsor, echoed Patrick’s concerns, asserting that Texas will not condone or tolerate instances where minors are exposed to hyper-sexualized content through any form of performance. This strong stance is a clear message that Texas is dedicated to protecting its youth from the potentially detrimental effects of such explicit content.

Once the bill is signed by Governor Abbott, the effects of this legislation will resonate across the state, as it goes into effect on September 1, 2023. This enactment of the bill will mark a pivotal moment in Texas’ fight against the sexualization of minors, serving as an important reminder that the well-being of children should be a top priority for any legislation. This significant passage also empowers parents and guardians, granting them the assurance that their children will be protected from inappropriate content that could disrupt their development and rob them of their innocence.

**A triumphant day for Texas as it protects the innocence of its youth**

In conclusion, the passing of Senate Bill 12 in Texas is a monumental step towards ensuring the protection of the state’s children from sexually explicit content. The legislation sends a powerful message that Texas will not stand for the sexualization of minors, passionately fighting to shield its youth from harmful influences. This firm commitment to family values and the well-being of the next generation is a shining example of how Texas is leading the charge, defending both its children and the future of America.


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