Unbelievable! Hostin SLAMS White Women Yet Again: ‘Defending the Patriarchy’ – Don’t Miss Out!

Unbelievable! Hostin SLAMS White Women Yet Again: 'Defending the Patriarchy' - Don't Miss Out!
Unbelievable! Hostin SLAMS White Women Yet Again: 'Defending the Patriarchy' - Don't Miss Out!
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Sunny Hostin, co-host of The View, proved once again she is a raging racist by launching another attack on white women, this time accusing them of being subservient to their husbands and voting Republican only to “protect the patriarchy”. This type of despicable behavior is consistent with her past remarks, when she equated white women to cockroaches for voting Republican.

In an ostensible rant, Ms. Hostin claimed white women only voted Republican to ensure their husbands, children, and themselves did well, and accused them of blindly following their husbands’ voting choices. Despite being questioned about her comments, she merely reinforced her position with hollow claims of studies supporting her argument without providing any evidence.

In an attempt to deflect the conversation, Hostin tried to present Democrat supporters of individuals like Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo as women who had a fair justification in supporting their preferred policies. In stark contrast, she portrayed white female Republican voters as betraying their own gender due to GOP policies being “against women.”

Sara Haines, a voice of reason, reminded the table that voters are not monolithic, and that everyone has their reasons for voting a certain way. Haines emphasized that not every woman, black person, Hispanic person, or any other group would fall into the same category when it comes to voting preferences. People have different priorities that motivate them when casting their votes.

However, Hostin appeared determined to foster division and hatred through her bigoted remarks, which undoubtedly stir anger and resentment in countless viewers. One wonders why ABC tolerates such blatantly racist and divisive behavior on their network.

The time has come for Conservative media and viewers to say “enough” to Sunny Hostin’s unchecked racism, for it reflects a hypocrisy that does nothing but damage to the discourse of political diversity and the essence of American democracy.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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