Unbelievable! Mark Levin Absolutely Destroys Jamie Raskin on Debt Ceiling – Listen Now!

Unbelievable! Mark Levin Absolutely Destroys Jamie Raskin on Debt Ceiling - Listen Now!
Unbelievable! Mark Levin Absolutely Destroys Jamie Raskin on Debt Ceiling - Listen Now!
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Mark Levin, a well-known conservative radio host, recently excoriated far-left Rep. Jamie Raskin for his absurd claims regarding the debt ceiling and Biden’s ability to bypass it using the 14th Amendment. These outrageous remarks by Raskin represent how the left tries to manipulate the Constitution for their own benefit, even using ridiculous interpretations of the law.

During a May 24th edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Raskin audaciously called on President Joe Biden to employ the 14th Amendment to evade the debt ceiling through executive action, asserting it was the president’s duty. In his radio show later that day, Levin fiercely condemned Raskin’s statement, saying that this nonsensical idea was entirely contrary to the Constitution’s actual intent. The 14th Amendment, Levin emphasized, has nothing in common with the budget or expenditure debates occurring today.

Levin, pointing out the absurdity of Raskin’s proposition, asks his listeners if they believe the 14th Amendment’s authors intended for presidents to not only submit budgets but also to fund them – an idea he aptly calls “asinine.” He criticizes the left in general, accusing them of dishonestly interpreting the Constitution contrary to the founders’ intentions. In response to Raskin’s MSNBC comment that the 14th Amendment was not optional, Levin mentions that the Constitution had not been amended to dismantle the House of Representatives.

Furthermore, Raskin argued that Section IV of the 14th Amendment, which discusses the public debt’s validity, is related to the current political disputes over the debt ceiling. Levin emphatically refutes this claim, stating that nowhere in Section IV does it assert that a president can unilaterally issue loan instruments if Congress disagrees on raising the debt limit.

Levin later addressed Raskin’s remark that there would be no legal challenges to Biden circumventing the debt ceiling using the 14th Amendment. Levin identifies the obvious flaw in that the president would be a defendant, not a plaintiff. Raskin’s attempt to undermine the possibility of Congress suing the president for willful constitutional violations is likewise deconstructed by Levin’s explanation of the separation of powers and how the House of Representatives would have standing in this case.

Ultimately, Raskin’s ideas, as expressed by Levin, entail that Biden could invoke the 14th Amendment with impunity, trampling on the Constitution without any chance of being challenged. This is a dangerous precedent, and it’s imperative that conservatives push back against this radical interpretation of the Constitution.

Call MSNBC now at (800) 952-5210 and demand they stop legitimizing the preposterous idea that Biden can somehow dissolve the debt ceiling using the 14th Amendment. The left’s twisted interpretation of the Constitution must not go unchallenged.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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