Dawson’s Creek Star James Van Der Beek Slams Democrats Over Biden’s Primary Debate Rejection (VIDEO)

Dawson's Creek Star James Van Der Beek Slams Democrats Over Biden's Primary Debate Rejection (VIDEO)
Dawson's Creek Star James Van Der Beek Slams Democrats Over Biden's Primary Debate Rejection (VIDEO)
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**Hollywood Star Slams Biden and Democrats for Ignoring Democracy**

In a recent social media video, James Van Der Beek, famous for his role in the 90’s TV show ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ has boldly criticized President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee for Biden’s refusal to participate in a primary debate. Van Der Beek seems to be having a red pill moment as he questions who is actually running the country while suggesting that the DNC undermines democracy.

The actor has expressed his disbelief at the DNC disallowing a debate, stating in the viral TikTok video which garnered over 49,500 likes, “I mean, what the hell? How is this a democracy?” Van Der Beek shared his astonishment at the fact that there will not be a debate to decide the nominee for president, given that Biden, who is 80 years old, would set the record for the oldest sitting president in the history of the country, if re-elected.

Taking a jab at Vice President Kamala Harris, Van Der Beek also highlights the possibility of Biden not surviving through the next term, and questions why there is no debate over a person who has a worse approval rating than the already unpopular President. The actor points out the evident decline in Biden’s mental faculties and ridicules his reliance on flashcards to answer questions during press conferences, which he believes should be enough reason to warrant a debate.

The outcry from Van Der Beek, a previously staunch Hollywood liberal, indicates that if Biden and the Democrats are losing supporters like him, they are in serious trouble. It would not be surprising if the left makes an attempt to tarnish the actor’s image for expressing his candid thoughts.

**Could Van Der Beek’s Outspoken Criticism be a Turning Point for Hollywood Liberals?**

As more Hollywood stars start to publicly question the actions of the Biden administration and the Democratic Party, it could signal choppy waters ahead for the left. James Van Der Beek’s scathing indictment serves as a significant warning for the Democrats and could inspire others to join him in expressing their dissatisfaction and concerns- ultimately, questioning the very foundation of democratic principles and practices.


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