Democrats’ Silent Terror: Rising RFK Jr. Claims Poll Supremacy!

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“Undaunted by media bias, Robert Kennedy Jr. outpaces DeSantis, sending ripples through the political elite!”

On a day imbued with patriotism, Memorial Day, RFK Jr. delivered a powerful address at Humphreys by the Bay in San Diego, demonstrating why his surging popularity is causing unease within the establishment. 

The aspiring Democratic presidential candidate paid tribute to the ultimate sacrifice made by American soldiers. Echoing President John F. Kennedy, he emphasized the importance of safeguarding the rights that our brave servicemen and women have laid down their lives for. 

His speech then transitioned to critique the mainstream media’s treatment of his campaign. Despite his legal expertise and lifelong commitment to environmental activism, Kennedy decried his portrayal as a “fringe” candidate. This, he argued, was inconsistent with his polling status, which demonstrates significant public support.

Firmly asserting his strength in the polls, Kennedy claimed to have outstripped DeSantis, yet found himself continually overlooked in favor of the latter. The exclusion from polls, such as the recent Harvard one, indicates a disconcerting bias against the rising candidate.

A recent CNN poll showing Kennedy at 20% – while other independent surveys demonstrated even higher ratings – raises questions about the fair representation of candidates.

Notably, only 40% of Democratic voters express intent to vote for Biden in the primary, leaving room for a challenger like Kennedy. The silence around this burgeoning support is puzzling, with some alleging a conscious effort to downplay Kennedy’s growing appeal. 

But as RFK Jr. reiterated, he isn’t looking for special treatment from the media. His sole aim? Winning the election. 

His campaign is unswayed by the media’s alleged attempts to sideline him, focusing on resonating with Americans and securing victory. Kennedy’s resilient spirit and public support could significantly alter the trajectory of the presidential race.

In the face of media sidelining, Kennedy stands tall. As a bold contender in the political ring, his surging popularity demonstrates that the voice of the people is stronger than any media narrative. This is a story to watch closely in the coming weeks.

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