**EXCLUSIVE: German Legislator Beatrix Von Storch Exposes BlackRock, WEF, and Climate Elites Swindling Taxpayers**

**EXCLUSIVE: German Legislator Beatrix Von Storch Exposes BlackRock, WEF, and Climate Elites Swindling Taxpayers**
**EXCLUSIVE: German Legislator Beatrix Von Storch Exposes BlackRock, WEF, and Climate Elites Swindling Taxpayers**
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Bold Introduction: The Biden administration is pouring billions into climate pollution reduction while BlackRock takes advantage of the Green New Deal. A recent German scandal has revealed the links between the executives, climate activists, and taxpayer-funded organizations that are undermining democracy and profiting off of climate change.

Body: BlackRock has found itself in the center of the climate change discussion, with the Biden administration hiring several of its executives, including Brian Deese and Adewale Adeyemo. These connections have raised eyebrows, particularly considering the involvement of influential financial entrepreneur Ingmar Rentzhog, who not only consults with BlackRock and JPMorgan, but also serves as the discoverer of climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Rentzhog’s well-timed discovery of Thunberg and the promotion of her cause raised questions about the authenticity of her activism. Additionally, BlackRock’s connection to the recent German Green corruption scandal has shone light on the infiltration of its economics ministry by a network of NGO’s, foundations, and lobby organizations funded by wealthy clients like Bill Gates and BlackRock’s own CEO, Larry Fink.

The investments that BlackRock and similar companies are making into sustainable investment funds and climate policy consulting are made possible only by political decisions, subsidies, and regulations. Elections pose potential threats to these investments and profits, as a change in government could lead to the revocation of climate laws.

An unholy alliance has formed between big finance and climate activists like Klaus Schwab, who outlined his vision of financial giants working together with left-wing environmentalists in his book ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’. This alliance is tightening its grip on politics, with former Greenpeace head Jennifer Morgan now serving as Climate State Secretary in Germany.

It is becoming apparent that taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill for the inflated costs of green energy and products pushed by governments in the name of sustainability. These costs, called the “Green Premium”, are built into Green New Deal policies and keep BlackRock and its financiers wealthy. German climate scandal whistleblower Beatrix von Storch argues that it is time to expose this corrupt network, from Berlin and Brussels to Washington DC and Wall Street.

Bold Conclusion: As the global financial industry continues to profit off the climate change narrative, the taxpayer is left footing the bill. It is crucial to expose the corrupt network which is coming between democracy and the self-interested individuals who are pushing their own agenda.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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