Shocking Story: Little Girl Loses Both Feet in Heartbreaking Pickup Truck Accident – Find Out What Happened!

Shocking Story: Little Girl Loses Both Feet in Heartbreaking Pickup Truck Accident – Find Out What Happened!
Shocking Story: Little Girl Loses Both Feet in Heartbreaking Pickup Truck Accident – Find Out What Happened!
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**A Tragic Accident: Community Rallies Around Trooper’s Daughter with Severed Feet**

A heartbreaking freak accident left a 6-year-old Virginia girl, Aubrey Scaletta, with both feet severed. The daughter of Virginia State Police Trooper Daniel Scaletta, Aubrey was riding in a pickup truck when playing with a ratchet strap led to catastrophic injuries. The community has since rallied around the family, offering support and tremendous care.

On May 17, Aubrey Scaletta and her sister Grayson were in the back seat of a pickup truck, innocently playing with a ratchet strap used for securing cargo. The situation took an unexpected turn when the strap seemingly slipped out of the window and wrapped itself around the truck’s drive shaft. Shockingly, it must have also enveloped Aubrey, as the momentum of the drive shaft nearly yanked her out of the vehicle.

The horror escalated when the force of the ratchet strap sliced through Aubrey’s legs, severing both feet. The injured child was quickly airlifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital, where surgeons undertook an intense six-hour operation to reattach her feet. Aubrey was subsequently placed on a ventilator in the pediatric ICU.

Representing the family, the Virginia State Police Association (VSPA) has been working to raise funds to help cover the cost of medical care and ongoing expenses during Aubrey’s recovery. Generous community members have been rallying around the family, offering much-needed support during this arduous time.

Remarkably, the brave young girl has shown significant signs of improvement, as reported by the VSPA. Aubrey’s feet seem to be healing and she has been taken off the ventilator following the initial surgery. Although she has faced challenges like a collapsed lung and pneumonia, Aubrey’s mother, Lauren Scaletta, remains hopeful.

The road to recovery will be long and arduous, with doctors estimating Aubrey may undergo up to 15 additional surgeries in the coming years. Her next procedure, a skin graft, is scheduled for June 9th. Despite no guarantees on her future mobility, the surgery team aims for Aubrey to walk with the assistance of braces and a walker by Christmas.

With the family’s spirits lifted thanks to the community’s heartfelt support, they are taking each day as it comes. Lauren Scaletta stated that they are trusting Aubrey’s strength in the face of adversity, calling the youngster “a warrior.”

**Community Comes Together in Support of Young Aubrey’s Recovery**

The tragedy suffered by young Aubrey Scaletta is a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability. But through the unwavering assistance of their community and the resilience of Aubrey herself, the family is moving forward on this challenging journey. The heartening response of the Virginia community showcases the strength of unity in times of hardship.


Next News Network Team

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