President Biden Refuses to Recognize His Own Flesh and Blood!

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Are you ready for a shocking revelation about President Biden’s family? Prepare to be astounded by the deliberate exclusion of his own flesh and blood, as Biden loves to brag about his crime family. This is the first time someone has continued to blatantly lie to the American people with them knowing the truth. 

President Joe Biden’s repeated omission of his illegitimate granddaughter, Navy Joan Roberts, has raised serious concerns about his integrity and commitment to family values. Despite a court-ordered paternity test confirming Hunter Biden as the child’s father in 2019, Biden has chosen to ignore Navy Joan’s existence.

During a recent event honoring the Louisiana State University women’s national championship basketball team, Biden callously stated that he has only four granddaughters, intentionally disregarding Navy Joan. This is not an isolated incident, as Biden previously omitted her during a “take your child to work day” event at the White House.

The president’s deliberate erasure of Navy Joan extends beyond his personal actions. The White House, including Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, has consistently refused to address questions regarding Biden’s failure to acknowledge his own grandchild. This denial of Navy Joan’s existence is a grave betrayal and an insult to the principles of family and honesty.

The implications of this scandal reach far beyond the Biden family. It raises questions about the president’s character and integrity. How can we trust a leader who denies the existence of his own flesh and blood? The deliberate concealment of Navy Joan paints a disturbing picture of a man who is willing to disregard the truth for personal convenience.

The deliberate exclusion of President Biden’s illegitimate granddaughter is a disgraceful act that exposes his true character. The Biden family scandal runs deep, with the White House complicit in the denial of Navy Joan’s existence. We must continue to demand answers and hold liars like Biden accountable for their actions.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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