Shocking! Jordan Neely’s Uncle Arrested for the 20th Time in a Year – Find Out Why!

Shocking! Jordan Neely's Uncle Arrested for the 20th Time in a Year – Find Out Why!
Shocking! Jordan Neely's Uncle Arrested for the 20th Time in a Year – Find Out Why!
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**Persistent Criminal Evades Justice Yet Again: The Continuous Arrest and Release of Jordan Neely’s Uncle Raises Concerns**

In another shocking instance of leniency, the uncle of the late Jordan Neely, Christopher Neely, has been arrested for the 20th time since last June – this time on suspicion of grand larceny. Despite his frequent arrests and an outstanding warrant, he was once again granted release under supervision.

Last week’s news of Christopher Neely’s arrest for possession of stolen credit cards, grand larceny, and jumping bail raised eyebrows. The uncle of the infamous Jordan Neely, who died on a NYC subway after clashing with former Marine Daniel Penny, seems to be neither ashamed nor deterred by his numerous criminal ventures. Neely was recognized and arrested at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan by an NYPD pickpocketing officer. Despite having an outstanding warrant for parole violation after serving six months for a 2019 grand larceny conviction, public defender Gurmeet Singh successfully argued for Neely’s cashless bail, claiming he had been a “rock” for the family.

However, any hopes of rehabilitation or taking responsibility for his actions were dashed when Neely was arrested again a mere 10 days after his release. Accused of stealing a wallet last August – racking up over $8,600 on the victim’s credit cards – and committing additional thefts in April and May, Neely now faces three new counts of grand larceny. These new charges closely resemble the 12 previous charges still pending against him.

After failing to appear for his court hearing, Judge Josh Hanshaft postponed the charges until July 19th. Neely was again granted release under supervision during a separate hearing for the latest grand larceny charges. These repeated arrests and continuous releases suggest a concerning pattern within the criminal justice system.

Throughout his life, Christopher Neely has been arrested more than 70 times, charged predominantly with theft-related crimes, including serving time for rape. Meanwhile, his late nephew Jordan had a similarly troubling history, having been arrested over 40 times and charged with crimes such as assault. Despite their own extensive criminal records, Christopher adamantly refuses to cut a deal with Penny, the man accused of second-degree manslaughter in his nephew’s death.

**Failed Justice System Enables Continuous Cycle of Crime: Neely’s Spoils Underscore the Need for Proper Accountability**

As Christopher Neely repeatedly evades justice through bail releases and supervision allowances, the burning question remains unanswered: when will society demand a higher level of accountability from the courts handling these cases? Until the criminal justice system tackles the underlying issues allowing these recurrent offenses, Neely and others like him will continue to exploit its weaknesses.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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