Shocking Trump Probe Audio Revealed – CNN Can’t Believe What They Haven’t Heard Yet!

Shocking Trump Probe Audio Revealed - CNN Can't Believe What They Haven't Heard Yet!
Shocking Trump Probe Audio Revealed - CNN Can't Believe What They Haven't Heard Yet!
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In yet another example of leftist inflation of anti-Trump propaganda, CNN’s legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid discussed a new audio recording of former President Trump. Despite not having listened to the tape, Reid made outrageous claims about its content and relied on unnamed sources for her information.

Recent reporting alleges that an audio recording captured former President Trump admitting possession of a classified Pentagon document describing a possible attack on Iran. CNN correspondent Paula Reid made bold claims about the recording’s content, despite admitting to not hearing the tape, raising questions about her integrity as a journalist. Reid and anchor Poppy Harlow fueled speculation and the story, relying heavily on mysterious, unnamed sources.

As the story unfolded through the hours, Reid gained confidence in her accusations, increasingly painting Trump as a villain in possession of sensitive information. Despite the portrayal, the former President’s attorney firmly stated that the information originated through leaks, an accusation Reid scoffed at on air. However, given the lack of transparency about the sources and Reid’s apparent lack of personal knowledge, a leak certainly seems plausible.

Thus, CNN’s biased reporting on the leaked audio is yet another example of how left-wing media is more interested in perpetuating its anti-Trump agenda than upholding journalistic integrity.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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