Stephen A. Smith EXPLODES on Media’s Shocking Black-on-Black Gun Violence Silence – You Won’t Believe What He Says!

Stephen A. Smith EXPLODES on Media's Shocking Black-on-Black Gun Violence Silence – You Won't Believe What He Says!
Stephen A. Smith EXPLODES on Media's Shocking Black-on-Black Gun Violence Silence – You Won't Believe What He Says!
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ESPN Host Condemns Media for Overlooking Black-on-Black Violence

Esteemed sports journalist Stephen A. Smith called out the mainstream media for turning a blind eye to the rampant black-on-black violence on his recent podcast. When police shootings involve black victims, the media is quick to cry foul. However, they fall eerily silent when black people are the perpetrators.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Chicago witnessed more than 50 people shot, with roughly a dozen losing their lives due to gun violence. Smith expressed frustration over the media’s reluctance to confront the reality of such violence in black communities. “Where’s the due diligence when it comes to putting a spotlight on what we are doing to each other?”, Smith exclaimed angrily.

This pattern of black-on-black crime isn’t isolated to just Chicago – it plagues cities like St. Louis and Baltimore as well. With despair in his voice, Smith asked where the protests and mainstream media attention were for these cities.

Smith brought up the topic of reparations, admitting he supports the idea. However, he emphasized that determining what the black community deserves is a moot point if they continue to perish at each other’s hands. “There’s a variety of ways that reparations can take place — but it doesn’t matter if we’re dead! Especially at our own hands,” he passionately argued.

Earlier in the podcast, Smith sided with Megyn Kelly’s sentiments on the issue of gun control. Both journalists criticized advocates for using mass shootings to advance stricter regulations while brushing aside alternative solutions to gun violence. Smith acknowledged the bad apples who can’t be stopped from acquiring firearms, clarifying his support for Second Amendment rights.

In conclusion, Stephen A. Smith’s scathing remarks highlight the need for the mainstream media to address black-on-black violence proactively. The reticence to discuss this issue is harming the very communities they claim to stand for. Only by creating an open and honest dialogue can progress be made in solving this issue plaguing America’s cities.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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