Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms: No Doctor Examined Joe Biden Following Major Fall – Watch the Video!

Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms: No Doctor Examined Joe Biden Following Major Fall - Watch the Video!
Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms: No Doctor Examined Joe Biden Following Major Fall - Watch the Video!
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**Press Secretary Admits Biden Not Examined by Doctor After Fall, Despite Obvious Disorientation**

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confessed Friday that President Joe Biden, 80, was not seen by a doctor after his tumble during the Air Force Academy commencement speech. Despite visible disorientation and failing to salute a Marine, Jean-Pierre insisted Biden was “fine” as concerns rise for the President’s health.

Joe Biden’s nasty fall on Thursday in Colorado Springs immediately attracted public attention, followed by a curiously delayed reaction by the White House. Disturbingly, Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged that no doctor examined our aging President after such a hard fall on his right hip.

Attempting to explain the situation away, Jean-Pierre stated, “Just to make sure we clear the record here, [Biden] tripped over a sandbag on the stage, and briefly he tripped and got up, and he got right back up.” However, reports and video footage showed that Secret Service agents had to help the President back to his feet, contradicting Jean-Pierre’s account.

Regardless, Jean-Pierre insisted that there was no need for medical intervention, saying, “There was no need for a doctor to see [Biden] as it was related to the fall and he’s doing fine!” She continued by referring to Biden’s return to the White House, where he bumped his head on Marine One’s doorframe as he disembarked – hardly a reassuring sight.

Not only did the President exhibit physical disorientation, but he also walked past a Marine without offering a salute, raising further questions about his mental state. Despite these incidents, Jean-Pierre simply told reporters to refer back to Biden’s own remarks that he was “sandbagged” during the commencement speech.

The White House’s casual dismissal of the obvious concerns surrounding the President’s health and wellbeing is deeply unsettling. With Karine Jean-Pierre’s insistence that no doctor was necessary in Biden’s case, it has become clear that the administration is either naïve, evasive, or intentionally sacrificing transparency to avoid admitting the truth about the President’s state of health.

**Biden’s Health Concerns Cannot Be Ignored, Administration Must Address the Public**

The administration’s casual handling of President Biden’s recent fall raises grave concerns about the President’s fitness for office. This situation demands transparency, and no amount of brushing off or downplaying will assuage the public’s growing unease regarding the health of our nation’s leader.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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