Outrage Erupts Over North Hollywood’s Elementary School Pride Assembly – Parents Stand Up (Video)

Outrage Erupts Over North Hollywood's Elementary School Pride Assembly - Parents Stand Up (Video)
Outrage Erupts Over North Hollywood's Elementary School Pride Assembly - Parents Stand Up (Video)
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Parents Revolt Against Radical LGBTQI+ Agenda in California Elementary School: A Community Taking a Stand

Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California has become the epicenter of parents standing up against the radical left’s LGBTQI+ takeover of public schools, which is causing significant psychological harm to children under the guise of “woke” education. The Armenian community is leading the protest.

The planned protest last week was aimed at a Pride month assembly held at the school, with parents voicing concern that pride material isn’t age appropriate for young children. The situation became tense as counter-protesters arrived and police struggled to maintain order between both sides.

This protest comes after a small Pride flag placed by a transgender teacher at the school was burned and the teacher subsequently removed from the school due to safety concerns. Parents had also previously withdrawn their children from a class taught by a transgender substitute teacher, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

A major point of contention among the protesters is the perceived indoctrination of children by the LGBTQI+ community and the absence of parental choice in their children’s education. The protest drew attention from news outlets and several Democrat officials, who showed up in support of LGBTQI+ programs being introduced in schools.

The school’s staff expressed dismay at the situation and its impact on the livelihood of fellow teachers. The teachers’ union, United Teachers of Los Angeles, also showed support for the school. Despite the polarized views, one parent explained that their primary concern is not wanting their children to be taught about sexuality in school at such a young age.

This growing movement of parents and community members standing against what they perceive as the overreach of radical LGBTQI+ influence in schools may signal wider changes in public opinion and a call for increased parental control over their children’s education.

In an era of increasing concern over the radical LGBTQI+ agenda infiltrating our schools and harming our children, it is vital for communities like those at Saticoy Elementary School to rise up and take a stand against this indoctrination. The fight for parental choice and influence in education continues.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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