**Powerful Regime Strikes: Instagram Shuts Down RFK Jr.’s Profile**

**Powerful Regime Strikes: Instagram Shuts Down RFK Jr.'s Profile**
**Powerful Regime Strikes: Instagram Shuts Down RFK Jr.'s Profile**
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**Instagram Bans Account of Popular Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.**

In a shocking move, Instagram has taken down the account of major presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a clear indication of how terrified the Democrats are of him. While his popularity surges, the mainstream media repeatedly attempts to discredit and silence him with false narratives and outright censorship.

Robert Kennedy Jr., son of former US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, has been charting an impressive path in the Democrat Primary with 20% overall support, even as he faces nearly absolute negative coverage from the establishment media. A recent FOX News poll showed him having 16% of the vote against the sitting president – an almost unheard-of accomplishment. Despite this, the Democrat Party has made efforts to blacklist him from polls, while CNN falsely labels him a Republican on their chyron.

This alarming trend continued on Wednesday when Instagram decided to remove Robert Kennedy’s account. In response to this unexpected ban, Kennedy tweeted an image of an automatic 180-day ban on Instagram accounts created using his email, along with a question asking if anyone can guess why this is happening.

In another tweet, Kennedy pointed out that his Instagram account, which had over 900k followers, remained banned even after several years. Expressing his gratitude, he thanked Elon Musk for ensuring that Twitter remained open to different opinions and allowed his campaign to have a voice.

Several Twitter users echoed Kennedy’s concerns and voiced their support for free speech, emphasizing its importance in a democratic society.

**The Fight for Free Speech Continues**

As the mainstream media and tech giants increasingly suppress influential figures like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the fight for free speech becomes more crucial than ever. This blatant act of censorship by Instagram is just another example of how desperate the Democrats are to silence their opponents and control the narrative. The American public must demand unbiased news coverage and resist any attempts to undermine democracy.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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