Shocking Revelation: Are Churches Across America Being Investigated During Pride Month? Find Out Now!

Shocking Revelation: Are Churches Across America Being Investigated During Pride Month? Find Out Now!
Shocking Revelation: Are Churches Across America Being Investigated During Pride Month? Find Out Now!
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**James Lindsay Warns of Potential Attacks on Christianity: Urges Christians to Stay Alert**

James Lindsay, an American-born mathematician who gained fame through his writing and research on critical race theory, now has a warning for his fellow Christians. He predicts that there will be two potential attacks on Christianity through Pride, the LGBTQ community. The purpose of these attacks will mainly be to provoke conservatives.

Lindsay shared his concerns with Glenn Beck, a well-known conservative political commentator, during a recent interview. According to Lindsay, the first attack may target American corporations like Ford, Target, and Bud Light, which are considered to be representative of American culture. The aim of this will be to provoke conservative Christians who consider these particular brands to be symbolically significant.

The second attack, as Lindsay perceives, might involve targeting religious icons and the children of conservative Christians. Again, the main objective would be to upset the conservatives and push them to react. Lindsay warns, “It’s almost like they’ve woke up a dragon, and they’re going to feed the dragon and get them to do something stupid that will then turn around and get used against them.” He believes that the church could be one way to use the provoked reactions of conservatives against them.

Lindsay suggests that shutting down churches, investigating them, and treating conservative Christianity as a potential domestic terrorist threat might be the eventual outcome. While he admits that there’s little the federal government could do at the moment, he advises conservatives to be strategic in handling this possibility.

Highlighting the importance of an intelligent approach, Lindsay warns that certain dossiers prepared for the federal government have stated that the cause of the January 6 events at the U.S. Capitol was not MAGA or Trump supporters, but “Christian nationalism,” which has been labeled a rising domestic terror threat.

Lindsay’s warning ultimately suggests that if any excuse can be found to label churches as breeding grounds for domestic terrorism, it won’t be surprising if the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and other agencies, including the IRS, start closely scrutinizing churches.

**A Call to Action: Christians Must Be Wary of Potential Threats and Strategize Wisely**

In light of James Lindsay’s alarming predictions about the potential attacks on Christianity, the conservative community must take these concerns seriously. The two-fold attack that Lindsay warns about could have severe ramifications for churches, and conservative Christians must stay vigilant, develop intelligent strategies, and prepare for any eventuality. All this, without resorting to potentially harmful actions that could be manipulated and turned against them.


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Next News Network Team

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