Shocking: Superintendent Caught Sending Scandalous Videos to ’15-Year-Old’ From His Office!

Shocking: Superintendent Caught Sending Scandalous Videos to '15-Year-Old' From His Office!
Shocking: Superintendent Caught Sending Scandalous Videos to '15-Year-Old' From His Office!
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Texas School Superintendent Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Minors

In a shocking turn of events, a Texas school superintendent was arrested for allegedly attempting to solicit sex from a minor. Michael Stevens, age 47, was caught in an online predator sting operation, which revealed his disgraceful intentions towards underage individuals. His arrest has sent shockwaves throughout the tight-knit community.

Michael Stevens, superintendent of the Itasca Independent School District, found himself arrested on campus last Thursday. Stevens, a former coach and principal, was charged with online solicitation of a minor, after he sent inappropriate photos and requested explicit images from who he believed to be a 15-year-old girl. However, the “girl” turned out to be an undercover officer conducting an online predator sting operation.

Stevens reportedly planned to travel to Houston to have sex with the supposed 15-year-old girl. Additionally, he allegedly solicited another undercover officer pretending to be a 16-year-old girl in May.

Prosecutors unveiled the disturbing trend of explicit messages Stevens is accused of sending the individuals he thought were minors. In one message, he told the girl during school hours to take explicit photos for “daddy” and send them to him. He also promised to meet her in person for sex, claiming that unlike others who were “just talking,” he was “a different guy” who was truly committed to meeting up.

Shockingly, Stevens also told the girl that he would divorce his wife to marry her mother, giving him unfettered access to the girl for sexual purposes.

According to Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen, Stevens was so comfortable with his vile behavior that he even videotaped himself at work. The superintendent appeared in court on Friday, where a judge set a bond of $100,000. If Stevens manages to post bond, he will be required to install monitoring software on his computer, submit to random drug testing, and avoid any contact with individuals under 17 years old.

School district parents have been left reeling by the scandal, and police are urging them to come forward if they suspect their children may have suffered inappropriate assault by Stevens. The sting operation that caught Stevens also led to the arrest of six other men on similar charges.

A Disturbing Scandal Rocking the Itasca Independent School District

This unsettling case involving a trusted educational authority figure has left the community questioning just how well they knew Michael Stevens. Now, it’s imperative for parents and the school district to protect the students involved and ensure that those in positions of power are thoroughly vetted to prevent any future incidents.


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