Soros Faces Powerful Opposition – Antisemitism no Longer an Excuse

Soros Faces Powerful Opposition – Antisemitism no Longer an Excuse
Soros Faces Powerful Opposition – Antisemitism no Longer an Excuse
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**Jewish Group “Jews Against Soros” Fights Buying into Deceit of Antisemitism**

A Jewish organization has formed to confront the flawed reasoning that opposition to George Soros, and his detriment to American values, is rooted in antisemitism. The group “Jews Against Soros” aims to encourage people to cease supporting Soros and his subversive entities. As more individuals and fellow Jewish groups reject Soros’ leftist influence and anti-Israel efforts, it is becoming clearer that the claim of antisemitism in his criticism is baseless.

“Jews Against Soros,” created by Newsweek editor Josh Hammer and activist Will Scharf, contends that there is nothing antisemitic in opposing Soros’ radical influence on American politics. The billionaire funds a substantial portion of the political left and their destructive platforms. Scharf points out that Soros’ values are not in line with Jewish values and suggests that now is an important time for Jews to speak against his agenda.

The group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) also recently criticized Soros for his extensive history of supporting anti-Israel groups. It is undeniable that Soros has put significant amounts of money toward furthering leftist interests in politics, media, and criminal justice systems, affecting American society at various levels. Soros’ extensive campaign to undermine US politics and ignore the rule of law has drawn attention without any genuine ties to antisemitism.

Anti-Defamation League and various media outlets have engaged in a flawed and illogical line of reasoning by equating Soros’ ancestry with criticism of him. Efforts to tie the criticism of his anti-American and leftist actions to antisemitism confound the debate. The formation of groups like “Jews Against Soros” exposes the falsehood and disingenuousness in these previous claims.

Now that the group “Jews Against Soros” has debunked the false accusations of antisemitism that accompany Soros’ criticism, perhaps an honest discussion about the dangerous impact he has on the US can finally take place.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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