Defiant Tuberculosis Patient Arrested After Year-Long Treatment Refusal

Defiant Tuberculosis Patient Arrested After Year-Long Treatment Refusal
Defiant Tuberculosis Patient Arrested After Year-Long Treatment Refusal
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Tacoma Woman Arrested for Neglecting Tuberculosis Treatment

A Tacoma woman suffering from tuberculosis has been arrested for refusing to take medication or isolate herself, as mandated by the court. Despite numerous court orders, she has avoided treatment for over a year, raising serious public health concerns. Arrested last Thursday, she is now in a specialized isolation facility under medical supervision.

A woman from Tacoma, Washington, made national headlines when she was arrested on Thursday for failing to follow a court order to take medication for her tuberculosis or to voluntarily isolate herself. Having avoided treatment and isolation for over a year, her actions have posed a risk to public health in her community. The woman, whose identity is being kept confidential, was under an involuntary order to receive medication for her tuberculosis but did not finish her treatment as prescribed.

In response to her non-compliance, the health department in Tacoma-Pierce County worked tirelessly for over a year to obtain a series of court orders to get the woman to receive adequate medical treatment. Last month, a court hearing on the matter took place, and a judge decided to issue a 17th order in May specifically for her to be involuntarily detained for treatment.

Finally, on Thursday, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department located the woman at her Tacoma residence and arrested her. She was then taken to the Pierce County Jail and placed inside a negative pressure room designed for isolation, testing, and treatment of diseases like tuberculosis.

In a statement, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department expressed its gratitude for this critical intervention: “Law enforcement transported this patient to the Pierce County Jail. She will be housed in a room specially equipped for isolation, testing and treatment. We are hopeful she will choose to get the life-saving treatment she needs to treat her tuberculosis. Thank you to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and the deputies who supported public health with this necessary intervention.”

It is important to note that the health department officials have been working with law enforcement to locate the woman for some time. Sgt. Darren Moss, with Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, stated, “We initially tried to look for her, but we were unable to find her, we believe she was trying to avoid being captured.”

Now safely in custody, the woman is expected to receive the necessary medical treatment for her tuberculosis and is under strict isolation to prevent the potential spread of the infectious disease.

In conclusion, this case underlines the importance of compliance with public health mandates and the need for swift action to protect communities from preventable risks. It demonstrates that violations of public health orders will be met with appropriate legal response, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the public is maintained.


Next News Network Team

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