FBI Covertly Continues Inquiry into Wikileaks Mastermind Julian Assange

FBI Covertly Continues Inquiry into Wikileaks Mastermind Julian Assange
FBI Covertly Continues Inquiry into Wikileaks Mastermind Julian Assange
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**FBI Restarting Julian Assange Investigation, Ignoring Australian Government’s Pleas for Release**

The Sydney Morning Herald has recently disclosed that the FBI is renewing its investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. This surprising move has caught Assange’s legal team off guard, as the Department of Justice had already charged him with violating the Espionage Act over three years ago. The Biden administration continues to disregard the Australian government’s request to release Assange, an Australian national.

The FBI reportedly approached Andrew O’Hagan, a ghostwriter for Assange’s auto-biography from a decade ago, to provide a statement regarding his time spent with Assange. However, O’Hagan has refused to cooperate with FBI agents. Assange is currently in a South London prison, where he has been undergoing a lengthy appeals process, attempting to prevent his extradition to the United States.

This development has left Assange’s lawyers questioning the existence of an active investigation, given that it has been three years since US prosecutors issued an indictment against him. The Australian government has even begged the Biden administration in recent months to release Assange, but their pleas have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

The perceived cold shoulder towards Australia is becoming particularly evident in this case. To make matters worse, there have been rumors that Biden has offended the Australian government by cancelling a trip to the country due to the debt ceiling. This move might hint at a brewing conflict between the two nations, as Biden reopens the case against Assange, the Australian journalist, while the country’s calls for his repatriation are ignored.

**Biden Administration’s Stubbornness on Assange Issue Exacerbating Tensions with Australia**

In conclusion, the unexpected renewal of the FBI’s investigation into Julian Assange reflects a clear disregard for the Australian government’s requests to release Assange. As tensions between the two countries escalate, the Biden administration’s stubbornness on this issue could have further diplomatic consequences down the line.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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