President Trump Commends MAGA Supporters and Urges Struggling FOX News to Champion MAGA Movement

President Trump Commends MAGA Supporters and Urges Struggling FOX News to Champion MAGA Movement
President Trump Commends MAGA Supporters and Urges Struggling FOX News to Champion MAGA Movement
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**Exposing the Anti-Trump Influence: Paul Ryan Pushed FOX News to Avoid Election Fraud Reporting; Trump Calls on FOX to Embrace MAGA**

In a stunning revelation, we learned that former Speaker and prominent Trump critic Paul Ryan pressured FOX News owners Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch not to report on alleged election fraud following the 2020 elections. As a board member, Ryan urged the owners to distance themselves from Trump and move on, a tactic that has undoubtedly contributed to the recent decline in FOX News viewership.

This decision made by Paul Ryan flies in the face of the conservative values FOX News has long championed. With their core audience questioning the integrity of the 2020 election results, FOX News chose to prioritize Ryan’s anti-Trump stance over the demand for fair and balanced reporting. This strategy has not fared well for the network, as evidenced by its plummeting ratings.

The dismissal of popular host Tucker Carlson and the decision to ignore President Trump have only exacerbated the situation. However, Trump’s recent town hall with Sean Hannity provided a much-needed boost to the struggling cable news channel, demonstrating the potential benefits of embracing Trump and his MAGA movement.

Despite this temporary uptick in viewership, FOX News still faces an ongoing crisis. The channel has lost nearly two-thirds of its prime-time demographic audience in the first full month since Carlson’s firing. This loss should serve as a wake-up call for Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, as it indicates that their core viewers are turning away due to the network’s apparent anti-Trump bias.

The former President himself called on FOX News to embrace MAGA, even going so far as to give a personal shout-out to the USP – the United States of Patriots, or MAGAdonians. Trump’s message, shared via Truth Social, was a pointed reminder of the success that FOX News could enjoy by supporting his movement.

In light of the negative impact Ryan’s decision had on FOX News, the network must reexamine its priorities. Shifting focus back towards providing unbiased coverage of the 2020 election allegations and embracing Trump’s MAGA movement could very well be the key to regaining their lost viewers and restoring their reputation as a conservative news leader.

**In summary, the detrimental influence of Paul Ryan’s anti-Trump stance on FOX News has become glaringly apparent. President Trump’s call for the network to embrace MAGA was not only a powerful reminder of what’s at stake but a clear indication of what the channel needs to do to recover. It is time for FOX News to return to its roots, prioritize objective reporting, and support the values its core audience holds dear.**


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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