Exposed: The Shocking Truth Behind Mary Trump’s Sensational Love Story Co-Written with E. Jean Carroll – You Won’t Believe it!

Exposed: The Shocking Truth Behind Mary Trump's Sensational Love Story Co-Written with E. Jean Carroll - You Won't Believe it!
Exposed: The Shocking Truth Behind Mary Trump's Sensational Love Story Co-Written with E. Jean Carroll - You Won't Believe it!
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**Bold Introduction**: Mary Trump, niece of former President Donald Trump, is working on a romance novel that is receiving attention from NPR. This unexpected turn of events showcases how the liberal media embraces any opportunity to promote #Resistance heroes, even in the realm of fiction.

**400 Word Body Section**: Despite the supposedly highbrow tastes of NPR’s liberal audience, the network has taken a sudden interest in the romance novel genre – but only when it’s penned by a prominent member of the #Resistance. NPR’s Friday night’s All Things Considered featured a segment revealing that Mary Trump, the President’s estranged niece, is writing a romance novel and releasing it chapter by chapter on Substack.

Mary Trump, who is openly gay, has admitted that she’s never read a romance novel before. Her plot for The Italian Lesson seems quite traditional: “An American woman goes to a hill town in Tuscany, opens a café, meets this hunk.” However, what sets this project apart is the collaboration between Trump and her friends who are also well-known for their criticism of Donald Trump.

NPR reported that Mary Trump’s venture into romance writing grew out of an online knitting group she joined in 2021, which included individuals like E. Jean Carroll and legal scholar Jennifer Taub. Taub eventually signed on as Trump’s editor for the project. Mary Trump, Carroll, and Taub have all gained notoriety for their outspoken criticism of the former president, leading to this project being dubbed as pure escapism by the budding novelist.

The romance novel’s connection to these well-known critics of Trump has led some to speculate that its marketing strategy is inherently political. According to Sarah Wendell, co-founder of, the involvement of famous names in the production of a romance novel is certainly attention-grabbing and serves as an effective marketing tool. Wendell further suggests that the genre itself can be political, as it explores topics like who gets to have a happy ending and which marriages are legally recognized.

Despite these criticisms, Mary Trump seems unfazed by the idea that her foray into romance writing might impact her credibility as a serious political figure. However, it appears that such considerations are mainly of concern to those in the liberal media bubble who view her as a significant political commentator.

**Bold Conclusion**: The attention given to Mary Trump’s romance novel by sources like NPR highlights the liberal media’s eagerness to promote any endeavor undertaken by #Resistance supporters. The alliance between Mary Trump, E. Jean Carroll, and Jennifer Taub on this project serves as the perfect opportunity for the media to indulge in their fixation on promoting anti-Trump messaging – even when it comes wrapped in the pages of a romance novel.


Next News Network Team

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