Isaiah Washington Urges: No Vote Unless on a Paper Ballot!

Isaiah Washington Urges: No Vote Unless on a Paper Ballot!
Isaiah Washington Urges: No Vote Unless on a Paper Ballot!
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**Isaiah Washington Steps Up Against Election Fraud and Faces Unjust Hate from the Left**

Isaiah Washington, who broke free from the Democrat party in favor of Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway movement, is now being targeted by the left for daring to speak his mind. This Sunday, he voiced his concerns about the 2023 presidential election and America’s electoral security, urging people not to vote without a paper ballot. Unsurprisingly, Washington has been relentlessly attacked and labeled by the mainstream media, but he remains an authoritative and influential figure.

After announcing his departure from the Democrat party, actor Isaiah Washington has been vilified by the left for standing up for his beliefs. On Sunday, he shared his apprehensions about the upcoming 2023 presidential election and expressed doubts about the security of America’s election process.

He addressed his critics by stating that despite exposing their lies, the media continues to misrepresent him with clickbait articles and slanderous labels. These unfounded labels range from homophobic to KKK supporter, and yet, Washington remains unfazed. He emphasized that regardless of what the media says, people still listen to him because he has no reason to lie.

In the next six months, Washington encouraged voters, especially those who have been lied to and deceived, to boycott both Republicans and Democrats if paper ballots are not available. He argues that trusting machines and the electoral college for the final decision is insane, and that the only secure option is paper ballots.

Despite the mainstream media relentlessly lying about him for years, Washington remains defiant and refuses to regret any of his actions or statements. He knows that his continued relevance means he is still respected, powerful, and influential in America.

**Influential Actor’s Call to Action against Election Fraud Deserves Praise, Not Criticism**

As actor Isaiah Washington stands boldly against election fraud and demands paper ballots, he faces hate from the left for upholding his beliefs. Instead of receiving criticism, he deserves praise for his influence and unwavering dedication to secure the electoral process in America.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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