Betrayal of Our Heroes: Fort Bragg Renamed in Biden’s War on History!

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Has the Biden administration gone too far? Discover the shocking truth behind the renaming of Fort Bragg, a symbol of American heroism. Veterans are up in arms as their sacrifices are overshadowed by the erasure of history. This is just the beginning of a dangerous trend that threatens our national identity.

In a small ceremony on Friday, the U.S. Army base Fort Bragg officially became “Fort Liberty.” This decision stems from the Biden Defense Department’s relentless campaign to eliminate all traces of Confederate history from our military institutions. The Naming Commission, tasked with finding a new name, selected “Fort Liberty” out of 188 options, but this choice is seen by many as a hollow attempt to appease the woke mob.

Fort Bragg’s website tries to calm the concerns of veterans, assuring them that their legacy and service will not be forgotten. However, soldiers are not convinced. They see this renaming as a betrayal, an erasure of their sacrifices and the honor associated with the original name. Black Army veteran George Postell Jr., who served at Fort Bragg for over four years, passionately insists that it will always be Fort Bragg to him, regardless of the bureaucrats’ decision.

While some, like James Buxton Jr. of the Fayetteville NAACP chapter, support the renaming, they question the choice of “Liberty.” Buxton suggests a compromise by dedicating the fort to Union General Edward Bragg, preserving the historical significance while acknowledging the pain the original name may cause African Americans.

This renaming of Fort Bragg is just the tip of the iceberg. The Naming Commission appointed by Congress aims to rebrand nine military bases across the country that bear Confederate names. This virtue-signaling exercise will cost taxpayers a staggering $62.4 million, according to retired Army Brigadier General Ty Seidule. This exorbitant expense could be better allocated to improving veterans’ healthcare or supporting active-duty personnel.

The figurehead of this controversy, Confederate General Braxton Bragg, had a mixed military record. While he achieved minor victories early in the war, he ultimately suffered a crippling defeat at the Battle of Chattanooga. After resigning as a general, he became a plantation owner, exploiting over 100 slaves.

The renaming process, forced upon our military institutions, is set to be completed by the end of this year. As we witness the erasure of history and the disrespect shown to our veterans, it’s crucial to stay informed and vocalize our concerns. The assault on our heritage must not go unchallenged.

In the wake of Fort Bragg’s renaming, the outrage continues to grow. Veterans and Americans who value their heritage refuse to accept this assault on their history. It’s time to stand up against the erasure of our past and protect the legacy of those who fought for freedom.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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