Trump Scores Eagle: Nails PGA-LIV Merger Prediction A Year Early!

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In a breathtaking turn of events, the union of two golfing giants, PGA and Saudi-backed LIV, has been officially announced. This shocking revelation echoes a prophesy made a year ago by none other than former President Donald Trump. Even amidst backlash and an onslaught of antitrust lawsuits, the merger has materialized exactly as Trump predicted. So, once again, the Trump crystal ball was spot on. What’s the secret behind his unerring foresight? Let’s delve into this riveting tale of golf, high stakes, and Trump’s uncanny predictive prowess.

Trump’s Golf Prediction Strikes Hole-In-One: PGA-LIV Merger Confirmed!

The world of golf has been captivated by the surprising merger between PGA Tour and LIV Golf. Jay Monahan, President of the PGA Tour, lauded this union as a ‘historic day’. Yet, this surprise was one man’s certainty: Former President Donald Trump. Hosting LIV events at his courses, Trump’s involvement with the golf world has been deep and personal. A year ago, on Truth Social, he warned golfers who chose to remain with PGA of the impending merger and its consequences.

Donald Trump predicted the LIV-PGA merger last year.

A struggle brewed beneath the surface of this merger. PGA had publicly denounced the alluring millions offered by LIV Golf to its players, stating moral qualms due to the human rights offenses attributed to the Saudi backers. They found the proposition disrespectful to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. However, high-profile players like Cam Smith, Phil Mickelson, and Brooks Koepka felt the allure of money, no tournament cuts, and fewer overall rounds too tempting to resist.

Trump was never squeamish about forming alliances. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, kept regular contact with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, showing an indifference to the political repercussions of such associations.

Trump’s golfing habits, described by Kevin Cook in The Spectator World, further emphasize his intimate connection with the sport. Fast-paced games, friendly banter, occasional bending of the rules – all highlight a man deeply passionate and knowledgeable about golf.

This passionate involvement could be the reason behind his accurate predictions. He foresees trends in golf not as a spectator, but as an active participant, bringing a unique insider perspective.

The PGA-LIV merger will likely dampen the conflict within the sport. However, one wonders how the PGA and its players, once so outspoken against the Saudis, will navigate this new alliance. Will they change their tune?

PGA Tour merge with LIV Golf one of biggest stories in sport’s history | Golf Today | Golf Channel

Former President Donald Trump’s foresight has been vindicated once more with the merger of PGA and LIV. His predictive prowess shines in this turn of events, where a bitter dispute gives way to an unexpected alliance. This unfolding saga serves as a testament to Trump’s insightful intuition and his deep engagement with the golfing world. Despite the many narratives and shifting alliances, the core truth remains unscathed: Trump was right again. As we move forward in this new era of golf, we keep our eyes trained on the man whose predictions have yet to falter.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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