WATCH: Trump Comically Taunts Chris Christie’s Grand 2024 Presidential Reveal

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**Trump Savagely Claps Back at Chris Christie as Ex-Governor Tries to Revive Political Career with 2024 Bid**

Chris Christie, the failed former governor of New Jersey, appears eager to reenter the political fray as he announced a 2024 White House bid. However, President Trump was quick to put Christie in his place, trolling him with a hilarious ‘doctored’ video response to the ex-governor’s disparaging remarks during his New Hampshire town hall event.

At the town hall, Christie attempted to distance himself from Trump and take a shot at the former President, likening him to the nefarious villain from the Harry Potter series. He criticized Trump as being self-obsessed and unwilling to admit any mistakes, declaring that the nation needs to move away from leaders like him. However, the irony of Christie’s own political career was not lost on Trump.

The former governor repeatedly used the word “small” during his speech, perhaps as a sly dig at the former President. Given Christie’s own dwindling popularity and failed gubernatorial term, the use of this word seems ironic.

Never one to shy away from a deserved comeback, President Trump trolled Christie with a video mocking his appearance at a buffet. In Trump’s response, he questioned Christie’s fixation with the word “small”, suggesting that the ex-governor may have a psychological issue with size. He went on to criticize Christie’s overall speech, calling it me


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