NY Times Ridiculed: The Sad Biden Video They Don’t Want You to See!

NY Times Under Fire: Biden's Health Decline Unveiled!
NY Times Under Fire: Biden's Health Decline Unveiled!
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In a shocking revelation, a video has emerged showing President Biden in a state of physical decline, a truth the mainstream media, including the New York Times, seems determined to suppress. This video, a stark testament to Biden’s failing health, shows him stumbling on stage at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. Yet, the media continues to paint a picture of a ‘sharp and fit’ President. This blatant cover-up raises serious questions about the transparency of our media and the true state of our nation’s leadership. Every American must see this video and judge for themselves.

The New York Times, a publication once revered for its journalistic integrity, now faces widespread ridicule for its biased coverage of President Biden’s health. The video in question, a clip of President Biden falling on stage at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, has been largely ignored by mainstream media outlets. Instead, they continue to portray Biden as ‘sharp and fit’, a narrative that is increasingly difficult to reconcile with the evidence at hand.

This video is not an isolated incident. Biden’s handlers are reportedly leaving him alone as often as they can on weekends, only scheduling public events between 12 and 4 P.M. This limited schedule raises concerns about the President’s stamina and ability to fulfill the demanding role of leading our nation.

The media’s response to this video is a stark contrast to their coverage of President Biden’s health just a few weeks ago. Then, the manufactured panic over Biden’s age was a hot topic. Now, they are attempting to downplay these concerns, a move that reeks of political bias and manipulation.

The media’s role in a democratic society is to inform the public, to hold those in power accountable, and to provide a platform for open and honest debate. Yet, in this case, they seem more interested in protecting the image of the President than in reporting the truth. This is not just a failureof journalism; it’s a betrayal of the public’s trust.

The media’s cover-up extends beyond just ignoring the video. They are actively trying to shift the narrative, focusing on the DNC’s refusal to hold presidential primary debates and other issues, rather than addressing the elephant in the room – Biden’s health. This diversion tactic is a clear attempt to distract the public from the real issue at hand.

The media’s silence on Biden’s health is not just a disservice to the public; it’s a threat to our democracy. The American people have a right to know the truth about the health of their leader. They have a right to make informed decisions based on accurate information. By suppressing this video and downplaying concerns about Biden’s health, the media is denying them this right.

This cover-up is not just about protecting Biden; it’s about protecting the Democratic party. The media’s refusal to address Biden’s health issues is a clear attempt to shield the Democrats from criticism and potential fallout. But in doing so, they are undermining their own credibility and the trust of the American people.

The media’s role is not to protect those in power, but to hold them accountable. It’s time they remembered this. It’s time they stopped ignoring the evidence and started reporting the truth. The American people deserve nothing less.

This video is a wake-up call. It’s a reminder that we cannot blindly trust the media to tell us the truth. We must seek out the facts for ourselves, question the narratives we are presented with, and demand transparency from our leaders and our media.

The media’s cover-up of Biden’s health issues is a stark reminder of the power they hold over public perception. This video, and the media’s response to it, raises serious questions about the transparency of our media and the state of our nation’s leadership. It’s time for the media to stop protecting those in power and start holding them accountable. It’s time for them to stop ignoring the evidence and start reporting the truth. The American people deserve to know the truth about their leader’s health. They deserve a media that serves their interests, not the interests of those in power.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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