DeSantis Travels to the Southern Border

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a bold stance against President Joe Biden’s failure to secure the United States’ southern border. DeSantis, who visited the border this week, announced that he will create a coalition of like-minded governors and sheriffs to combat the illegal immigration crisis created by the Biden administration. The coalition will be formally announced in the coming days and weeks.

During a roundtable discussion in Arizona, DeSantis fired back at California Governor Gavin Newsom’s repeated attacks on him for sending illegal aliens to California, which Newsom has proudly declared a “sanctuary state.” DeSantis called out the hypocrisy of sanctuary jurisdictions, which have endorsed and agitated for open border policies, only to become upset when they have to deal with the negative consequences of their actions.

“The reality is, I think the border should be closed, I don’t think we should have any of this,” DeSantis said. “But if there’s a policy to have an open border, then I think the sanctuary jurisdictions should be the ones that have to bear that. We’re not a sanctuary in Florida.”

DeSantis also announced that Florida’s Highway Patrol and National Guard Counterdrug Task Force have developed a training program to help train officers from around the nation. The program has been successful in reducing illegal immigration in Florida, and DeSantis hopes that other states will adopt a similar approach.

Furthermore, DeSantis has taken a hardline stance against illegal immigration in Florida. The state allows only a legal workforce and provides no benefits to illegal immigrants. DeSantis believes that a nation “worth its salt” must have control over its borders, and failure to secure the border is “totally unacceptable.”

The crisis at the southern border has been a top priority for conservative lawmakers across the nation, who have been vocal in their opposition to Biden’s policies. The coalition of governors and sheriffs established by DeSantis is a testament to the resolve of conservative leaders to protect the nation’s sovereignty and ensure the safety of its citizens.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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