Constitution Under Attack: ‘The View’ Co-hosts Demand Disturbing Change!

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Astonishing! ‘The View’ co-hosts push for a shocking amendment to the Constitution, claiming it will safeguard America. But do their arguments hold up? Join us as we expose the misguided intentions and distortions behind their proposal, unraveling the true motivations behind this radical push for change.

The co-hosts of “The View” have once again taken their armchair governing to the next level, proposing a new amendment to the United States Constitution. Whoopi Goldberg led the charge, expressing her concerns about jailed individuals being eligible to run for president. Disregarding the vital principle of presumption of innocence, Goldberg specifically targeted former President Donald Trump, who currently leads the field of 2024 Republican presidential candidates.

However, this proposal raises serious questions about the co-hosts’ understanding of the Constitution and their ulterior motives. Sunny Hostin joined the discussion, showing support for an amendment without considering the potential ramifications. While they claim to be champions of American values, their true intentions become clear upon further scrutiny.

During the heated debate, Goldberg rhetorically questioned why she couldn’t vote after being released from jail while someone could still become president. Alyssa Farah chimed in, echoing the sentiment and further fueling the flawed narrative. It’s disconcerting to witness these individuals manipulate the Constitution to fit their own agenda, disregarding the importance of due process and the presumption of innocence.

Sunny Hostin jumped in with a misleading representation of the constitutional debate between originalists and those who believe in a “living Constitution.” She portrayed originalists as stagnant thinkers, while painting herself as a champion of progress. In reality, originalists respect the Constitution and acknowledge the amendment process as the proper way to address societal changes.

The co-hosts’ argument falls flat when they advocate for limitations on the Second and First Amendments. They attempt to paint originalists as outliers, ignoring the fact that many Americans believe in the importance of safeguarding individual rights, including the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. By misrepresenting their opponents’ views, the co-hosts expose their true intentions: to selectively apply the Constitution to suit their personal preferences.

Goldberg claimed that the Constitution needs to “grow with the country.” However, history shows that the United States has utilized the proper amendment process, outlined in Article V, to evolve and address the needs of a changing nation. The Constitution has never been amended solely to prevent a specific individual from assuming the presidency.

Ironically, the co-hosts unintentionally revealed their lack of confidence in President Joe Biden’s ability to defeat Trump in a 2024 rematch. If Trump were truly unelectable, why would they feel the need to propose an amendment to keep him out of the White House? Their actions betray their own doubts about Biden’s capabilities.

Goldberg even admitted to having “strange thoughts” and expressed concerns about individuals who lack knowledge of the Constitution and the law reaching positions of power. However, her plea for caution contradicts her previous support for Biden’s re-election, as his policies have been repeatedly deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. It is clear that the co-hosts’ push for change is driven by political bias rather than genuine constitutional concerns.

In their misguided attempt to propose a new amendment to the Constitution, the co-hosts of “The View” have exposed their true intentions. This dangerous move disregards fundamental principles of due process, while their selective interpretation of the Constitution reveals their desire to control the narrative. Stay informed, America. Our constitutional values are at stake.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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