Cartels Exploit Open Borders: Cloned FedEx Vans Transporting Migrants Expose Biden’s Failure

The crisis at the southern border continues to spiral out of control, despite what President Biden may claim.
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President Joe Biden’s open border policies continue to wreak havoc at the southern border, transforming numerous regions into warzones as drug cartels fight over routes to smuggle drugs into the US. Migrants are being smuggled into the country at an alarming rate, making up the majority of the illegal border crossings. Now, in a shocking revelation, human smugglers have been using cloned FedEx delivery vans to transport these migrants.

According to reports, Border Patrol officials in El Paso, Texas, have arrested four suspected smugglers, two from the US and two from Mexico, who were operating three delivery vans packed with migrants. Two of these vehicles were cloned FedEx vans, with 26 migrants from Mexico and Guatemala found inside the three vehicles. Fortunately, Border Patrol agents caught the smugglers red-handed with the help of the Santa Teresa Station Anti-Smuggling Unit, with assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

This is not the first time that drug cartels have used such tactics, nor will it be the last. By having cloned FedEx vans, smugglers are taking advantage of the location of the transport company near the US-Mexico border. Customs officials have become used to the sight of FedEx vans near the border, hence increasing the ease of getting past them without being checked. However, it is not just FedEx vans that are being used; authorities report that smugglers could have used other vehicles with fake logos, such as Amazon or UPS, to transport migrants to other states.

The El Paso Sector has seen nearly 308,000 migrant encounters this year alone, with an unbelievable 203 stash houses containing 2,871 migrants discovered. Moreover, Border Patrol agents have been seeing over 2,000 migrants on average on a daily basis since Title 42 pandemic-era restrictions came to an end on May 11. Innumerable families, children and infants are being smuggled into the US, with no concern for their safety and well-being.

The crisis at the southern border continues to spiral out of control, despite what President Biden may claim. His open border policies have yielded disastrous results, with drug cartels taking advantage of vulnerable migrants’ naive minds. It is essential to recognize that these cartels are not humanitarian groups, but are seizing the opportunity to make a profit off human lives. Until President Biden realizes this and puts an end to his damaging policies, the crisis at the southern border will only intensify, causing an influx of illegal activity at the expense of the safety of American citizens.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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