GREAT SCOTT! Biden’s Biden’s Time Travel Blunder in Delaware

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In a surreal twist that would put Marty McFly to shame, President Biden seemed to travel back in time during his latest speech, sparking a nationwide whirlwind of concern and amplifying the cries for the 25th Amendment. Caught in a temporal vortex, he pledged commitments to a year long past, tripped over his words, and was led off-stage like a puppet on strings. What does this escalating pattern of disturbing missteps signify for America’s leadership? Are we on board a DeLorean stuck in reverse gear?

At his Delaware beach house retreat, President Biden may have stumbled upon a flux capacitor. Rather than rejuvenating his spirits, this break appeared to catapult him into a disorienting time warp. As he resumed his duties in Santa Clara County, California, the world was given front-row seats to witness this confusion unfold in real-time.

The President embarked on a speech addressing climate change and environmental matters, boldly vowing to conserve “30% of all the lands and waters the United States has jurisdiction over.” Yet, it was his journey back in time to the year 2020, while making this pledge, that sounded the alarm bells across America. Has the weight of his office scrambled his ability to discern past, present, and future, or has he mistakenly discovered time travel?

The confusion deepened as Biden tried to navigate his speech. His train of thought derailed, stammering into an unfinished sentence about businesses and banks. Rather than recovering, he abandoned the sentence with an abrupt, “Anyway, I won’t get into all that.”

The spectacle of his time-traveling misadventures continued as Rep. Anna Eshoo was seen guiding him across the stage like a disoriented time traveler just out of his DeLorean. This awkward incident sent further shockwaves, raising questions about the President’s cognitive abilities and the potential implications for the nation.

Is America caught in a ‘Back to the Future’ sequel gone wrong, with Biden playing a disoriented Doc Brown? These recent gaffes suggest a troubling lack of awareness and control, amplifying the urgency of the calls for the 25th Amendment. As we hover on the brink of the 2022 midterms, the time for change is now, before our DeLorean-driving president miscalculates another temporal leap. It’s time to return to the future, America, with stable leadership at the helm.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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