Poll Reveals Startling Concerns: 68% of Voters Worried About Biden’s Age or Health – America on Edge!

President Biden's age and apparent inability to carry out his presidential duties seem like serious concerns for US voters, particularly Democrats.
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A new poll by NBC News has exposed the serious concerns of potential voters over President Biden’s age and ability to carry out presidential duties. Shockingly, a staggering 68% of voters admit to being worried that the President’s physical and mental decline may have serious implications in the Oval Office. Disturbingly, 43% of Democrats also share these concerns, demonstrating the significant drop in confidence even amongst the party faithful from last year.

Concerns have also been raised about former President Donald Trump’s age, who just turned 77. Although a slight majority of 55% of the respondents revealed similar worries about the former President, it is important to note that he is 3 years younger than Biden.

Biden, who is 80 years old, has been raising eyebrows for his forgetfulness and frequent stumbles. News outlet Axios, in a report released in April, revealed that even the President’s aides and advisers have expressed concerns over his ability to fulfill his presidential duties. Sources have revealed that it is “difficult” to schedule public or private events for the President during mornings, evenings or weekends, and the vast majority of his events take place during the week between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

It is no wonder that Biden’s age has raised concerns, given his limited schedule and issues with remembering important details. The 46th President’s team has been struggling to get him to work beyond the standard hours of 9am-5pm. According to the Axios report, “on days when he doesn’t have any formal obligations, Biden spends much of his day holed up in his private office off the Oval Office, with his schedule showing no public events.”

Even former White House Secretary Jen Psaki, commented once on Biden’s speech on the Silicon Valley banking crisis and highlighted how unusual it is for the President to make an announcement at 9 a.m, hinting it is a rarity to see him up so early.

Despite the warning signs, Biden has continued to dismiss criticisms of his age while deflecting his critics towards former President Trump. Interestingly, Biden once boasted that he can easily “run up ramps.” However, recent videos have reported a string of tumbles by President Biden, which suggests that he may be struggling to live up to his own proclamations.

In conclusion, Biden’s age and apparent inability to carry out his presidential duties seem like serious concerns for US voters, particularly Democrats. Notwithstanding, President Biden has done little to address these worries and continues to ignore the warning signs while deflecting his criticisms.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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