Americans Make Their Thoughts on Pride Month Known in New Poll

It is time for CEO's and companies to heed the desires of the American people and remain neutral on political and cultural issues.
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During Pride month, new polls have revealed that a majority of Americans urge companies to remain neutral and refrain from making any political or cultural statements. In fact, a recent poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group found that 61.9 percent of likely general election voters want companies to remain neutral during Pride month, while only 23.9 percent said companies should continue to promote political themes. The results were largely split by political party, with 81.8 percent of Republicans and 66.2 percent of independents urging companies to remain neutral, while only 46.8 percent of Democrats wanted companies to continue promoting political themes.

Furthermore, the poll found that 40.8 percent of voters have taken part in boycotting a company for taking progressive public stances, while 24.5 percent said they participated in boycotts against companies that took conservative stances. The remaining 34.7 percent did not participate in any boycotts.

“The Wall Street Woke seem to be hell-bent on pushing businesses to the radical left, but American voters simply want businesses to provide products and services and not be a megaphone for political activism—especially radical activism from the left,” said Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States.

Another poll from McLaughlin and Associates in partnership with Summit Ministries found that 73 percent of likely general election voters with an opinion on the issue would prefer to shop at a business that stays neutral on political and cultural issues. Meanwhile, 52 percent of voters with an opinion on the issue support boycotts against businesses that take public stands on political and cultural issues.

This sentiment reflects a larger societal concern about the influence of the LGBTQ+ agenda on children. A majority of American voters, 63 percent, believe “that the effort of people to introduce young children to ideas like transgenderism, drag shows, and LGBTQ+ themes” is motivated by “a desire to push a specific cultural agenda.” In fact, 61 percent of voters stated that introducing young children to such ideas hurts their emotional and psychological development.

“It is deeply concerning that some individuals seek to indoctrinate innocent children with their radical LGBTQ+ agenda. This is not about acceptance or tolerance, it is about pushing a specific cultural agenda that goes against the moral values shared by the majority of Americans,” said Dr. Jeff Myers, President of

It is time for CEO’s and companies to heed the desires of the American people and remain neutral on political and cultural issues. Customers want businesses to stick to their core mission of providing products and services, not to be hijacked by political activists. It is imperative that companies stay in their lane and provide what the customers want. Any deviation from neutrality will result in severe consequences, including boycotts. Let us hope that corporate boards listen to the voice of the majority of Americans and refrain from promoting divisive political and cultural themes.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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